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What does it matter what his degrees are in. Either he's right or he's not. He presented his claims for literal review by anyone who can be bothered. Personally couldn't care less if he posted it on 4chan in a "prestigious" journal.

From the "debunking" part: There is a reason courts do not admit circumstantial evidence. Yes they do, all the time. You should have consulted muh legal experts with all the degrees and medals instead of cop soap operas :xf-tongue:
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He presented his claims for literal review by anyone who speaks German.

Fixed! Honestly, I am peeved about that. I would love to read the actual paper.

You are not wrong on the medium article though. To be fair I didn't say it was great, I said it was relevant! :smile:

Edit: even the proper fact checks on this are in German! Obviously since one can only really review the paper if they understand the language it is written in.



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Why I’m not celebrating Purim this year | Emily Kirschenbaum | The Blogs

Not just religious meetings.. Some political meetings without any caution also spread corona.. I see both..
Second one worse in case of thoughtlessness and contradiction. I guess..
One woman dying in Japan is statistically very significant. How is this news at all, Reuters?
We had a person here die three days after getting vaxxed and it was ruled to be unrelated. There were no other cases. People die all the time everywhere, vaccines or not. Now if 10 women died of the same cause in Japan when they got the needle...

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Looking st the first few post on this thread gives me an odd feeling.
Back in February 2020 is was certainly hoping all this thing would be over after half a year without ever affecting me - just like all the other viruses before.
I remember that when masks became mandatory in Germany I often forgot to take one with me and I had to walk home to get it. Now the masks are second nature.

A friend of mine says he is so used to keeping the distance that he doubts he can go back to festivals or parties for quite some time after the end of the pandemic.
The link is that people will click on that article and generate views. Come on, click on it. You know you want to :wink:

@Ikea Knight indeed. I watch movies and find myself going like "wait why aren't they wearing masks?"


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Uh, yes, officer, we went to bed and in the morning I found him like that - a pillow on his purple face and a sheet wrapped around his neck. I guess he must have had one of those notorious bed sheet entanglement accidents that hundreds of Americans suffer every year,


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At which point the innocent citizens and policeman all decide to go skiing, as a way of honouring the life of the murder victim unfortunate restless sleeper.


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