corona? :(


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Going by current stats here in the UK. Ten percent of those known to have been infected have died. :<
Getting scared now. 4,413 deaths to 41,903 people that have tested positive.

Edit: So either a massive amount of people are unknowingly infected to make it up to the 2% estimated lethality. Or the lethality estimation was wrong.
Edit2:Testing is known to be far behind though.
Edit3:I could also be misunderstanding epidemiology terminology.
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In the Netherlands the dead ratio is around 10%, 1.651 have died from a 16.627 confirmed infected. In the past ten day's each day between 100 and 150 people die of the disease, the vast majority of these people are above the age of 60 though.

1360 of our 1900 IC beds are filled so its hoping that the amount of people ending up there will decrease in the coming day's/weeks... German hospitals have even taken a few Dutch patients. I'm honestly glad to see hospitals/countries are willing to help each other out on that front. I was actually stunned to read how many IC capacities Germany has. It's insane compared to the amount we have.


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Some ppl still dont care about virus or deaths(%05~?), but results are progressively increasing as we see.
There is also another increasing results as economically.. I realized that drawing tablets' quantity in market become less here with prices 2-3x more. Some say that's because we switched to the online education system aganist virüs' spread, and teacher needed/bought lots of graphic tablet for online education. This is a new thing, after toilet paper/cologne/mask or glove..