Copied/Pasted face data from character creation

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I just learned that its possible to copy/paste your character... so far so great, but 2 questions come to my mind:

Will the cpoied code from beta work in EA and further advanced versions in the future?
Is their somewhere a database/thread with peoples builds and their code?

btw @DevS: the backgroud color of the character editor should be changeable .. right now creating something dark or with black hair is hard to see

Sorry if their is already a thread that explains it.
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Surely yes, that will not changeg.
Ctrl + C on the character customization screen, I believe
hi, yeah I already know how to do it from another thread (copy/paste) Crtl+C/V... just mentioned/asked some things but thank you!

Great if it the codes work forever!


It will work in updated versions, however with the character creator receiving updates and adjustments in the future it may alter the way a face looks.
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