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Controlling army

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I am a very big fan of the game, I would like to suggest something I really would like to see it in the game, can this be added to this amazing game the possibility of the player to control other army in his clan or kingdom, for example if i have settlement under attack and i am away i can send messenger to one of the nearest army to that settlement to go and attack and defend it.
Thank You so much for the amazing Job you are doing.


I think this suggestions has been rejected in the past and the middle-ground solution that was implemented was the passive\neutral\aggressive stance that you can give to the parties/armies.


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It was rejected awhile back. People have been begging for additional features to add some layers to the game but most have been rejected because of "too complex" or "doesn't fit our vision". Sorry op TW is never going to add features like this or any real substantial content that isn't in the works.
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