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Controlling a campaign

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When elected marshall, you can elect to call your lords to join you on the map where they are supposed to follow you.  Yet, the lords often do things that totally baffle the mind:

often times, they get distracted by a passing caravan when en route to your destination of choice.  With all the wandering parties out there, getting your army from point A to point B is harder than driving cattle from one end of the map to the other.

often times, they get the itch to go back to whatever it is they were doing before the campaign started.  The lord should at least tell you he wants to leave the campaign before taking off

lastly, and most annoying:  When you finally get your army to the town/castle you want to siege and begin the siege process (building ladders etc), some armies will again take off after a passing caravan or party of mountain bandits.

I think what I'm trying to say is, there should be written into the code (or a dialogue option) that when the player starts a campaign, lords will ignore distracting targets and stay focused on the task at hand.

Just the other day, I was wanting to  lay waste to Jelkala and this is what happened:
I had an army of about 80, I kept it small so my speed would be high enough to round up my armies and get them to behave en route (maybe we could have a "sheepdog" skill to aid in this).  It was me and 3 other lords, with armies totalling around 600, going against a weakened town with only 400.  So, I fire up the siege ladders and by the time they were up, all but one of my lords had gone off on some wild goose chase.  So I abandon the siege, round them up, only to have the same thing happen again.  So, I abandon the siege, go kill off nearby parties and a couple enemy lords and try again, but to no avail.  I ended up sieging Jelkala with my party of 80ish + 1 lord who had 150.  Wasn't pretty.
Yes i agree. Another thing is that when you and some of your lordly friends are out camping and you meet one party which has more troops than your average, then they all run.. WTF? co-operate and its no problem at all! When you give them an order, they are supposed to follow it to the death. Not run away at the first glance of resistance
ye it is bull*hit just the other day i was marching with my army +5 other lords twords Rivacheg guess wat happends Lord: oooh look a Caravan KILL IT!!! i ignored 1 lod taking of and continued Lord2: oooh look a Sea Raider party KILL IT!! now i was starting to get annoyid when i finnaly had all 5 lords outside Rivacheg King Yaroglek comes running with 175 men and my 5 lords runs away casue they only had 125 each wat kinda bull*hit is that?! we could have beat him easy but noooooo
only reasonable explanation i can think of is that the lords simply suck at math
Hehe, I've had the similar situation, where it's me and 3+ lords with a combined army of 400+ and I see a lord with 150 and I go after him.  My lords are right there with me and when I engage in battle, none join my side, even though they are close by... so it is my lightweight party of like 50 against 150... I figure my "buddies" got out their popcorn to watch the massacre.
I did that once to a marshal myself. He gave me the follow me quest and I was going to help him, but then I realized that if I didn't the quest would be over :razz:.
Lord Vlan isn't quite all there. When he was voted in for Marshall, he summoned me, so I went to him. He was alone. So we started wandering the countryside for no reason. Then we ran into a force of 40 sea raiders, and luckily Lord Vlan had 50ish men so he fought them. He lost and was captured. I was all "THANK YOU!!!!!" when the campaign ended because he was captured. So I swooped in and got some bonus relations for saving him from the last sea raider that was alive.
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