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Sida the Blasphemous

Team: Barbarians
Summary: The game is still running but the controller stops responding. When I press the Xbox button it will bring up the Xbox menu and everything responds, but when I go back to the game the cursor still won't move.
How to Reproduce: This seems to happen every time I have to replace the batteries in my controller. Once it disconnects it won't reconnect back to the game unless I completely force quit, restart the Xbox and reload the game (which means losing unsaved progress)
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Igg Juggernautcrush

Team: Barbarians
I'm having similar issues and my controller is just not working on the home screen. It keeps making me use a mouse. I was able to get around this by using the mouse then using the home button and quitting and unplugging the mouse and restarting. Annoying in it self but now that is not even working. This is a great game but this is ridiculous
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