Control scheme causing windows bug, lets add a better control instead?

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So, for some reason bannerlord seems to make my computer think that the CTRL key is being held down constantly. Does not revert with the keyboard being unplugged, different keyboard has same problem, sticky keys are off and it will not revert until system is restarted. I get the feeling its coming from the sales window as that seems to trigger it, but no amount of presses will turn it on or off rapidly (Which is sticky keys)
So, there are two approaches that I would like to see one of tried:
1. Figure out the bug, even if its not your software but behaviors used in your software cause it to be triggered, and let us know how to control it.
2. Create a way to toggle a quantity mode, i.e. pressing A turns on "buy all" which buys the whole stack, pressing it again turns it off. S buys 5, etc. This would be both more convenient in my opinion and avoid the rapid toggling of the key that sometimes causes it (but wont make it go away.)
I am very much in favor of the latter as a solution. Thank you.
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