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Not sure if this was mentioned before, or if at all possible with the engine (not a developer/modder). I've seen requests and I think mods that allow you to take control of your party members/companions when you fall in battle but is there a way/possibility to control or play the battles your parties in the overworld encounter?
Given that battles are a huge part of the game, wouldn't it be nice to play those other battles in your clan? Ie. your spice vendor caravan encounters looters somewhere far away, a pop-up option to control/play that battle as the companion. All we get is that notification that pops up, but the simulation happens so quick that it's meaningless to you since you can't get there in time to help or assist a majority of the time.
I know it would make it more heavily skewed towards the player's advantage given we get kills a lot more easily than NPCs and can completely swing the balance (but those can be tweaked I'm sure) but it might also address the issue with them not gaining combat skills quick enough (vs their 'age').
  • It could allow us to essentially 'play' different builds in the same playthrough without being handicapped by how skills/exp gain works in the game currently (ie diminishing returns, 1 point per 3, etc..) as well as also play different party compositions; whether you have a companion party with max 200 budget, or the caravan ones, etc....
  • It allows us to still play those small scale battles without having to reduce our 'main' party ones in order fight those ones.
  • It could also make the other skills/perks we put and apply to our companions/clan members more meaningful as they would feel 'useable' in the player's POV.


If you thought about it, there's already a mod out there for it either publicly or privately. There's a mod out there where you can control anyone on the campaign map. I strongly advocate that people not persuade taleworlds to incorporate people's mod into the base game. This leads to mods going private. We already lost some good modders already. We can't afford to lose more. This can be seen on nexus where new mods are just similar to others, a throwing stone or arrow that can do explosive damage, or a bunch of translation mods.


BUTR's Player Switcher does the map thing, it's a continuation of a older mod
kind of buggy and crash prone
excellent for leveling other members of your clan

Post Mortem lets you control a unit after falling in battle
fairly stable, been using it for 6 months now and the only crash is from switching too fast after falling
this one's also good for leveling other members, but better yet; you don't have to suffer massive casualties after your ai commander takes over


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Yeah it would be really fun to control another party sometimes and it would get around the horrible AI when you go down.
I strongly advocate that people not persuade taleworlds to incorporate people's mod into the base game.
They're never ****ing ever gonna do that anyways, no matter how many people ask.
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