Continued Racism, Antisemitism and Breach of TW Policy on Napoleonic Roleplay

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Leader said:
it's quite funny to see that the two accounts that have agreed with you are accounts that was created yesterday.
To be completely fair,
Silverstein is a year old account:;u=497617 Nothing more to say than can I please have your GUID?
modrhodok is a five year old account:;u=241864 Although his first post in five years time is in this thread.
Richard Gamer is a day old:;u=502439 And his first comment is in this thread.
@RealIsmael is a day old:;u=502464 He hasn't commented yet though.
This is clearly a group of friends or alt-accounts here to help OP look more legit.


Leader said:
it's quite funny to see that the two accounts that have agreed with you are accounts that was created yesterday.

Are you sure about that? I'd recommend double checking. Most of the accounts defending NRP were also created yesterday; I could put forward the same non-argument. Your posts are doing more harm than good.

I've reached out to several groups so expect more responses here. Evidence has been submitted through the proper channels, with much of it not being appropriate to be included in the OP (I was hesitant to even post the Waterpolo screenshot). This thread is more of a public notice/report to the general population of TW players.


Silverstein said:
Woes with a troll do not justify your extreme prejudice. You may continue to downplay and mock the situation you are in all you like, JB did the same (look where it got them).

NRP has, for the two years now (since we know you did not stop selling after the 2018 warning):
- Sold cosmetic skins for profit (restricted access to non-paying users of the server)
- Sold ITEMS that give a clear gameplay advantage (armour)

The item market for NRP donations has been fully operational for the past year (and beyond). Guilt is obvious, and TaleWorlds' warning was not taken seriously in the slightest.

modrhodok said:
I and the chat did protest this as it did seem like the ban was given due to his Jewish name. While this alone is not grounds for TW's intervention, I have seen admins use slurs previously, and they have definitely seem to feature custom skins in exchange for donations, which is totally against TW policy. Also when you have members of NRP/JB/59th (or whoever owns what these days), who have a history of these sorts of problems, it's not exactly unexpected to see them downplaying the issue. They're not exactly going to post logs, screenshots, or anything highlighting their policy breaches.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed their disgusting behaviour. I've also seen chat protest but they're usually quickly shut down by the admins which is quite telling. 

Richards Gamer said:
I have also been a victim of antisemitism, the admins have embarrassed me several times in game. i hope taleworlds does something about this

I'm sorry you were treated like this. Nobody deserves such an experience, especially on a video game intended for enjoyment. I can only hope TaleWorlds puts an end to such abuse swiftly.

This  post is becoming borderline harassment of our community. You have COMPLETELY ignored the fact that I called you out for making a FAKE screen shot of me. You continue to spin lies in this desperate attempt to have TW ban us, because we banned you from our server.
If TW wants too, my email is attached to this forum account and they can contact me. I can show them every single donation we've received on this server. We do not sell skins, we have no reason too. The Server owners pay for the server themselves and don't bother us at all. Theyre barely even involved in the community. Tim our server provider literally will host NRP for us until NW no longer exist, those were his exact words.

I request this thread just get locked already, this is slander is ridiculous.
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