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I haven't seen a topic like this before here... so here you go.

Rules of the game are simple:

- You continue the story the guy before you wrote.

- It has to make sense, e.g no time traveling, no teleporting, no random stuff and no character godliness.
- Try to keep the story interesting.
- At least one reasonably-sized paragraph of text, but don't write too much either. The opening post I wrote is longer because, well, it's got to properly introduce you. If you want to write longer, though, feel free, just don't take matters into your own hands completely.

Also; our character has no set personality, but try to make him act according to what the person before you wrote; so if he, say, agrees with something, then you don't write that he suddenly doesn't agree unless something happens that makes him make the change. So yeah, we'll make it up as we go!

An Ordinary Day...

Mike leaned to grab his pocketed shirt from the plain wooden stool in the kitchen, checking if it still had his wallet and keys in place. The sun was settling calmly in the horizon, casting its dim, orange light through his apartment's large square windows. He glanced outside briefly; a wide dirt road outlined by trees and bushes, apartments further behind the trees, leading to the countryside. His feelings were calm and relaxed: his evening hikes were one of the last things in the world that could make him forget all his troubles, sex and cigarettes being the other two.

He zoomed past all the furniture towards the front door, leaving everything that he owned behind him - it always felt like leaving a child alone, to him - and opened the polished wooden door with one deft hand. To Mike, hiking was one of the greatest pleasures in life. Smoking was a bad habit, though, and he even considered dropping it - he had smoked for only three years - but every time he did so, it just seemed to slip out of his mind and agenda. Somehow it felt enough that the smokes were there somewhere, ready to be used if he felt the need. Nearly comforting, as odd as that sounded.

Mike rushed down the stairs - he lived on the third storey - and out of the front door. He jogged on for a few minutes, but as he ran through the bare countryside, the road no longer outlined by trees nor buildings, he began to feel an increasing coldness in his body, and finally cold spikes began to run up his spine. Spike after spike, sting after sting, they began to bite the rest of his body, and abruptly he could hear a faint howling in the distance. Suddenly a lone thought cut through all the racket going on in his head.

"The TV's broken," he thought, "and if there were any weather warnings this week..."

He stumbled and fell.

Have fun people!


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Author's note: Whenever I use the words "The end", it should actually say "Except he/she/it totally didn't." but my editor was being a ****.


Seeing a young zombie lady being mugged on the street, he resolves to become a better person and rushes to aid her.


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Furrnox said:
FrisianDude said:
Heartattack on the way, he ded.
The Hearthattack indeed made him a dad since the lady zombie gave him a baby when he came back from his coma.
Das Knecht said:
Rules of the game are simple:
- It has to make sense, e.g no time traveling, no teleporting, no random stuff and no character godliness.
And you give me weird looks?
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