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Please note this board is for technical problem documentation rather than instructions on how to play the game. Documentation regarding the actual gameplay can be found in The Library

Technical problems and their solutions, technical FAQs and guides to optimising your PC to play the game can be found here. Before posting in the main technical support forum, check here and see if the problem has already been solved. You might also want to check the known bug list in the Rat Catcher's Hovel to see if the problem is with the game rather than your system.

You can use the contents below to find the relevant section. Alternatively, you can search the forum based on keywords.
Serial Keys
Lost serial keys, manual activations, how many times can I activate the game?
Distorted or Corrupt graphics
Corrupted menu text, blue rocks, general graphic distortion
Deactivating Direct X Sound Acceleration
Helps with many problems, including lower than expected performance(especially when FPS report in the game is normal), random crashes
Assertion Failed/Get Object Failed Errors
May also work for similar errors generated by mods
Oreans.sys Could not be updated / is detected as a virus
Know problem with the Themida protection
Not open for further replies.
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