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how about adding to the desert and steppe factions a skill\perk (for the nomad\bedoin only) that let you set a camp on the campaign map (with tiny model of few tents (in the style of the cultures) and when in this "camping" mod sorten food products such as cheese and (maybe adding pita bread as food item) olives and such will replanish over time as long you stay camped ..and only reduced when you not in camping mode..also if you have animals such as goats and sheeps and camels for example as time pass as you camped you will triger a randome event like having one of the goats having birth or die by something (maybe adding anew skill about being a shepperd that decrease the chance of having an animal dying...and when you have a birth you will get an extra animal of the type that gave birth)..that way the nomadic lifestyle will have a livelihood concept into nomads were typicly animal herders and relied on their animals for food and income and such..
ppl who wanna rp an authentic nomadic character could perfectly rp it like that..only the nomadic characters could have this type of content in my vision.

also of course as you camped or make a camp (could you roam out of it and it will be stationed where you set it like a bandit hideout) you could put troops in it to rest and as long they in the camp their moral will be maintained high and their pay will be reduced
i would also add..

goats\sheeps\camels should give cheese and butter while in camping mode from time to time increase if you not already having cheese or butter in your inventory then it will creat one unite and will filled up till you have a full stack as time pass as you camped sheeps should give also wool


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We need a bigger map for this.

The biggest military advantage of pastoralism was being able to bounce whenever the agrian goon squad showed up to wreck your stuff. But in Bannerlord you'll get stuffed into a locker and bullied trying to do that.
then make the camp mode so you not be detected by passing by moving you are camped in a hidden location or soemthing..only when you getting out of that camping mod you could be seen
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