Console Patch notes 1.0.11 ?

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I do understand that console players have a better mind reading abilities, however i am one of the "dumb ones",
The fact that you started a new game with "console versions" with a lesser version name `1.0.7. than PC to confuse issues further and your first console update 1.0.10 was a nightmare for me to restart the game. Still Yet to get 1.0.11 working.

That being said., i just want to be able to open this "home page", open "Console", read all the console *****ing, as we do, open "Console Patch notes" that weirdly matches the "download version update" Yes might be asking a lot hear.

Yes i will read console the patch notes, looking for my hopeful fixes, Naturally that aren't there. L
ife is simple maybe the fixes are in the next patch.

So why are you making the basic so hard, where are the patch notes 1.0,11 ?
cheers Stu
Pretty sure that's a nice way of saying you fixed nothing deliberately on console. Yes, there are fixes related to 1.2 text notes, (Many actually) yet other fixes mentioned did not happen remain unchanged, (are they PC only).
And still others like "Smithing" which was changed to show a "Red text" when the required smithing attribute on orders is not met (nice touch) however me with 296 smithing and 100% unlocked on an item, still cannot complete that item fully.

My original issue from day one and still ongoing was once i log out on the Xbox one X i cannot restart the game 100% of the time. A bit of a lengthy ordeal of deleting the Xbox saved game repeatedly until the game starts then a new restart to download the cloud game save file.
Every patch so far is a nightmare to get started. starting with your "saved file is not compatible"

Then we have the "sound problems", "tournament glitches" and the long list of not sure of if this is working or not.
In "War Band" defeating looters (example) you get paid / collect a reward and actually see it come up. In M&B II not seeing nothing, not even my funds go up.

So don't be so lazy :smile: any fixes on console please say if a fix is "PC only", "Both", "Console only" etc

thanks Cheers Stu
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