Console commands - delete parties on world map?

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After I upgraded to beta patch 1.5.8, the bug with bandit spawning has basically ruined my campaign. It took me a long time to notice because I never go down there, but the entire southern desert is just a sea of literally thousands of desert bandit parties, they eat every caravan or peasant party that tries to move through, all the cities there are starving and the world economy is in ruins.

Rather than just throw out the campaign, which I've sunk a lot of time into, I enabled cheat mode to see if I could get rid of them all. But using the "knock out all enemies" cheat is too slow because I need to get into combat repeatedly, and it also levels my athletics skill which is not ideal. Also it's not really making a dent in their numbers. Is there any working console command that can just remove parties from the world map?
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Though I'd love to have many more console commands, like one to effectively remove "failed" rebel clans from the game (not just "kill" and leave an encyclopedia entry) and also Family Feud and Missing Daughter "fake wanderers" while at it, I'm certain TaleWorlds has too much on their hands and isn't likely to work on implementing more console commands at the moment.
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