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Hi everyone,

The console commands of campaign.make_main_hero_ill is currently broken. It is the only way to actually play an existing character such as Monchug or Caladog is right now broken. Right now when you type in campaign.make_main_hero_ill, the console returns with 'unknown command' and when you try to kill your character through the campaign.kill_hero command, it returns with Hero x is the main hero, use the 'campaingn.make_main_hero_ill' command. The spelling mistake in campaign obviously makes the command not work at the moment. So can people upvote this so Taleworlds can see it?


posted that waaay back, nobody cares it seems, like all other 'lost' console commands in the past, it seems that one goes the same way...
I always thought the game would be playable long term without cheats, I was wrong....
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