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Just a personal update on this issue. Logged in, wanted to see if it got any better. Two large servers up, one with 120 (Turkish server, I think) the other was the EU server, with 60+ people.

Joined the Turkish one - moderate lag, nothing major. SIX minutes, and the server died and didn't even come back up. Alright then.

Second attempt, EU server. 10 minutes, not much in the way of lag, decent experience. Server dies, comes back up 15 minutes later with 5 people playing on it.

There wasn't a third attempt, time isn't free and is rather precious. So, has Taleworlds EVER confirmed that they are AWARE of this issue and that they actively WORKING on it? Or is it just: "Tee-hee, we sold them a faulty product, let's bask in our mostly positive reviews on Steam?"

Oct 25 Dejan "We're looking into the crashes"

That's the only acknowledgement I know of, take it as you will.
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