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Hello. Seeing as TaleWorlds obfuscates, ignores, and pretends that this doesn't exist, I figure an effort should at least be made to centralize support for fixing it. I don't necessarily expect this to change anything because Taleworlds have shown that they simply. Do. Not. Care.


The multiplayer servers crash very frequently without fail. Without any exaggeration they never get further than 3 matches at the absolute maximum. This has been happening since the release of Early Access. TaleWorlds has been told and have known about it for years but refuse to acknowledge it in any concrete way.

The effect of this has been that players joining Multiplayer leave forever shortly after. It's no coincidence that a game with 15000 players daily can't manage to fill a single official server of 120. This is a real issue that is strangling Multiplayer itself. TaleWorld's non-response speaks volumes about where their priorities lie. That this hasn't been fixed for release means whatever Influx of new players will quickly dry up, and Multiplayer will continue to wither and die.

There really isn't much more I can say. It's a simple yet deadly issue. Please vote and feel free to expand on this post below. I would really like this to go somewhere, I enjoy the game when it works.
I saw people with TW badges witnessing the crash for the first time today in the game.
I sat and cried a little..
They witnessed the game crash after 2 years.
I wrote in the topic I opened 8 days before the release of the full version..
they will never never be able to fix server problems!
if it was possible they would have done it for 2 years..There's a problem they can't solve, and i think they are trying to fix this issue without getting support on it
I would just like to comment that it is spelled "Consistent" good sir @Farticle
I realized the first time I opened the thread back up and have been hoping nobody would notice ever since. It's definitely one of those stumbling words for me. I've found I have trouble sometimes remembering correctly between E and A in my words.
I'm playing since the first week of EA and the only problem regarding multiplayer they solved probably was the frequent stuttering (Which even came back in 1.8.0) and other bugs. Hosting a server have barely any improvements compared to Warband, looks even worse, at least from my first experience. Also, my region doesnt have an official server, and the interest of the people here are either playing the single player, since its stable, or not buying the game at all.

I know it's hard to pull such a game after Warband so I never had high hopes on anything, but damn everything looks worse than I imagined.
My review of the game will stay negative until the issues are solved. There is no transparency on the status of the MP fix and the same crash pattern for over 2 years is inexcusable for a full release. I encourage anyone who takes MP seriously to have their voice heard through a negative review, so as to prevent the next player to spend money on an unfinished, but advertised feature they may otherwise enjoy.
Revisiting this one because the latest update has not fixed this. Still at work so I can't personally check but multiple people have said it's still happening. Whatever effort being put towards paltry one off crash bugs in the patch notes is not helpful right now. Fix your **** this is not early access.
Its still crashing. Its better to keep multiplayer on hold until they fix these crashes. If all comes to worst, the community might be able to find a solution, after all, EA ended and they still couldnt fix this problem. Maybe someone else can do it.
They will never never be able to fix server problems!
This is the truth guys. A master fixes something that is broken, there is no master here.
2022 ends, it will be 3 years and their servers did not work properly even for 1 day.
that's all i will say
Just a personal update on this issue. Logged in, wanted to see if it got any better. Two large servers up, one with 120 (Turkish server, I think) the other was the EU server, with 60+ people.

Joined the Turkish one - moderate lag, nothing major. SIX minutes, and the server died and didn't even come back up. Alright then.

Second attempt, EU server. 10 minutes, not much in the way of lag, decent experience. Server dies, comes back up 15 minutes later with 5 people playing on it.

There wasn't a third attempt, time isn't free and is rather precious. So, has Taleworlds EVER confirmed that they are AWARE of this issue and that they actively WORKING on it? Or is it just: "Tee-hee, we sold them a faulty product, let's bask in our mostly positive reviews on Steam?"
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