SP Fantasy Considering (again) to get into Perisno, pls help

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Hi all, after 3000hrs in Warband I don't consider myself particularly good, but still enjoy it immensely.

The way I play nowadays is I start a new game with some roleplay in mind (nothing fancy) and play until I decide it's a "win", then start new game again but in different mod.

Currently it goes more-or-less something like Pendor => BannerPage => Viking Conquest => something different until I quit => Pendor again etc.

I had several tries with Perisno. The last one I almost managed to get into it - but lost it again once when I had proper party and lot of enterprises. I had no idea what to do next. There weren't parallel "threads" to keep me engaged on several fronts, like in PoP (become grandmaster, hunt gems for specific purpose, befriend noldor or banish their lords, etc).

Am I missing something (and quite probably a lot)?
Do I just need to get to know the world better (thus maybe the best try so far was the most recent one)?
Should I play it same as native (i.e. decide whether to be a vassal first or solo-upstart king, pick your preferred target and work from there)?

If anyone could share some thoughts here, it would be highly appreciated!


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First, what was your last version of Persino you played?
I for one am quite the opposite when I play or try warband mods. One of the biggest reasons I even started modding in the first place, (how Perisno came to be) was because every mod I played felt like it was missing something.

PoP- Good mod. Felt like my first ex. Left without saying goodbye, and I really didn't go after her.
Viking Conquest- Painfully fun for a little while, just not my cup of tea.
Bannerpage- Haven't played it for more then a few minutes so I don't have an opinion.

Once a player gets in the groove and plays Perisno from a more lore oriented standpoint and not a typical mount&blade viewpoint then it's a whole new experience. Play the mod, not the game. Warband at it's core is a mess. The Engine leaks like a punctured tire but you keep going cause it's your favorite car and your not at the destination yet.

You haven't played Perisno if your caravan hasn't weighed you down and an army of Glorious knights of the Great Holy Bull are looking for a fight, but all you wanted to do was deliver ale to the Sut Capital so you can hear Thrak Yell "HAIL TO THE CHIEF" just one more time. Or trying your best to find some leaf bombs so you can finally clear the land of those pesky Naphali. But as soon as you took Forniron, a massive Zann invasion hits the shores and Krysanna finishes off the rest of your army because she's having a bad day and thinks you plundered her village and married her sister.

Read up on some lore from the wiki. Watch some videos by MsWarlord on youtube. Join the Perisno Discord! Try to marry Krysanna (good luck). Make Birgit hate her dad.
Create your own household troops that you've always wanted. Steal the Flamebringer from aracanaus. Buy some wolves in the Reich. Try to keep track of Theobald. Better yet make him the marshal of your kingdom! The options are endless.
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Thanks for taking the time to answer, guys!

This last try was about a month ago with most recent version at that moment.

Ok, so knowing more about the world is the way to go. Will read the wiki and watch these videos, then try again. Currently still half-way through another Pendor playthrough.

Thanks for the hints.

ps. BannerPage is relatively new, it's my new go-to for "native+" experience. Like Floris, but much more polished and everything fits together better.
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