SP Modern Conquest Vietnam 1976[New Poll]

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Swadii my dear chap I was making a joke about how much of a conversion mod this will be, I know that you wont include those toops, but it wont get that far.


and here is the modelling here is the mods first model:

grenade. done in the two minutes :grin:


jesus christ people, cant you simply let him do his project? i dont see why people have so little respect for other peoples work. If you dont like it, you still dont have to give him negative comments.

Anyway....good luck on your project hope it works out :smile:


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Well myself it would be a fun idea. But the reason why I don't play WII is for it got the models for an automatic machine gun but it can't fire rapid fire. And it looks kind of stupid if you ask me. But if you manage to get rapidfire I would be amazed. Fairly enough. I don't think that you can pull it of. Or if anyone can.


Of course the only way this could be realistic and still a fair fight would be if you had to pass a request thru congress to attack the vietcong homeland.


I surely hope that you actually make some of your own models, rather than ripping off WilliamBerne's WW2 models... and try to pass them off as Vietnam equipment.
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