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trueten said:
Heh, interesting to see thread with name "(current public beta 0.550 RC2)" when there's only 401 is avaliable :smile:
Look who's complaining!=) Ok, it's half-public for russian speakers (volunteering beta-testers). Nevertheless anyone can download and play it.
Sidus Preclarum said:
No, this.
Ok you won. Anyway soon there'll be new version.

Damon said:
Nevertheless anyone can download and play it.
Poor people. They will have to download the mod again and start the new game again.
Bravo gents, good to see you have your own board. Should make finding specific info a lot easier hehe
I thought it would take longer to you guys get a sub board :lol: It was quite a surprise when I saw it on the The Cartographer's Guild child board list when I was about to close my browser and go do something else.

Congratulations in getting your sub-forum this is one of the best and most detailed mods i've played.
Congratulations with the new board! Got your mod a while ago, played it through. One of the better mods for me graphic wise!
love the mod and congrats on sub-board. On a related note the screen shots thread is locked yet says post screenshots here :neutral:, sorry for being a bother
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