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I will be trying this out! Looks awesome! I love mods with custom items and all new factions! Has a fantasy feel to it which I love for M&B games.


Sir_Don_Quixote said:
Are all the factions done yet? Or are you releasing a unfinished mod? Anywho great work and good job :grin:

The mod likely won't be finished until version 1.0 ^^

in V0.41 3/6 of the troop trees are finished and native names are used for locations and heroes, in V0.5 all 6 faction troop trees will be finished and all locations and heroes will have different names.


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Yeah it might be hard to patch 0.41 to 0.5 with all the new stuff.
The reason for such a download size is because of all the new items. (0.5 will feature more then 1,000 new items)
We will do our best for easy patching in the future :wink:
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