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Downloaded this mod few days ago and I must say I am very impressed. I play warband a lot but only 1257 mod wich is great in some other way but I am more then suprised with 1755. It has few bugs and sometimes it chrashes but every time I loaded my game time passed so quickly I was suprised. My era is american civil war but because of this mod I started reading about this period. Gaby really is a fantastic moder. Only thing that ain't so good is the lack of more people helping him so we would get new patches and bug fixes more often but Gaby already said what he thinks about it. Anyway it is mindblowing for me that one guy managed to create and develope 3 fantastic mods. Kudos and keep up the great work.


Applause for you my friend! every time people do like you and give credit where its due (hey, it rhymes!) it makes me so glad :smile: ! Gabri needs all the encouragement he can get, as you've noticed he's only 1 man most of the time so encouragement like yours are "like fuel to the Gabri engine" as he once said  :mrgreen:


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Heh! That s true, BF  :smile:

Marecone Thx for grats.
I m sure you ll get close to zero problems and issues if you update to 1.153 and be sure you run an original copy of M&B wb.
Also de-activate ANY kind of translation and modification you did on your original game and pls do not change things in my Mods since musics, sounds and many issues are coded and connected to other things and you ll surely mess up and have problems.  :cry:

Ohh, and yes, I mbasically taking care of 3 Mods atm, but I DID NOT MAKE them myself, really!!!  :eek:
A lot of ppl contributed, I listed them all in the Credits.
And on 1755 and 1776 I had a great Team, expecially at the beginning...and some of them expecially lost months of their life helping me and working as hard as I did, before things got bad and messy.  :neutral:

Stay tuned, and you ll see some progress, expecially on the 1860s side! 
Some Testers got a first new version, but I m still working on improving it. :wink:


PS....only thing, that I really dislike, is opening new Topics and not using existing ones. It is unimportant if they are old, just use them. Many were about grats, compliments... and even a "I love You Gabrilduro" one!!  :oops:
Just use them, please.

Hail Myself

Yo Gab is Hail  :grin: . I just download Old Frontier ver 3.2 two days ago and play in Max Setting  :cool: .

I'm so sad that i can't play Old America new Ver without Mr.Kick ruin my time  :cry: like everyone else. So i decide to return Old Frontier, where everything begin  :smile: .

Must say is not that strange when pistol can shoot two time ??? And you still not fix Leader Skill (Lv6 and still only has 41 member include me). Some time i don't see my wolf and can't kill enemy wolf (Wonder why ???), they just bite me then stand there or ran alway. AI in this version still LOVE to face THE WALL and need to learn how to shoot again (Seriously Gab they need go back to Academy).

(Shhh. I'm not Christian)
Hail Myself said:
I'm so sad that i can't play Old America new Ver without Mr.Kick ruin my time  :cry: like everyone else.
What do you mean? Desktop crashes?

Hail Myself said:
Must say is not that strange when pistol can shoot two time ???
That's why it's called 'Pistol Pair'.


Hi fellas, I am so much enjoying your mods, war band was great but your great mods have made it  even better, thanks for your hard work.
cheers spot
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