Congrats TW - you killed your own game

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You completely destroyed captains mode by catering to skirmish - and your skirmish mode is walmart's version of mordhau/chivalry, and at this point everyone is leaving that too. Captains mode was completely unique to you, you can't play it anywhere else. You gave your own creation absolutely no love, you let it die. Captains players have left in droves, nobody wants to play, the maps don't change and the balancing is terrible and you have added nearly no content.

Congrats on having terrible direction and awful management. There are bugs that STILL exist from launch.

This is my last post, I'm done with this game. Can't wait for a couple years when some other company sees the potential in this game mode and makes it 10x better than you ever will.

** I know you deleted this post for revealing how terribly you ran the online game modes, but you said it was because i said the "F word". There I removed it. let it be known.
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