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Hey there Forumites, before you close the thread I'm offering 20$ prize (collectible either via gifted game on Steam or I'll send it through paypal.)

I need someone to find me a Graphics Card, a PSU and  some more RAM that would be compatible with my Computer and would allow for long periods of gaming.

I'm not sure what you need from me as far as specs on my Computer at the moment, if you're interested in doing this go ahead and post or shoot me a PM with your Steam so we can do it a bit faster.

Remember Kids, 20$ Reward for your hard help!


Without specs it is impossible to decide what would be best. Also would need an allotted budget as well as your location (USA,Canada,Europe) since prices are different depending on region as well as availabilities.

PM me if you want my steam, I'm not doing anything right now :sad:


Here is a few options that I have randomly thrown together at a couple of different price points. The only info I really need is whether your motherboard uses DDR2 or DDR3, and since I don't know I'll just assume DDR3. Knowing the CPU might be helpful.

Your profile says you're in the US so these links are to newegg. If you take any of these suggestions and want to gift me a game, then **** you because I don't want it. Put it towards your computer to make it better. :razz:

AMD XFX Radeon HD 6770 - $109.99 (Only get it if on a tight budget. The 6870 and 560-TI are much, much better value for the performance.)
AMD Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 - $180
Nvidia MSI 560-TI Twin Frozr II - $250
Nvidia MSI 680-Twin Frozr - $540 (This is currently the fastest GPU on the market. Only get it if you have tons of money to spend and want to max something like Metro 2033. I'm only listing it for completeness.)

Corsair CX500 500W Power Supply - $60 (There is a 15% promocode off of it on Newegg right now, too.)
SeaSonic 650W Semi-Modular Power Supply - $120

Crucial 4GB 1333 DDR3 RAM - $21
G.Skill 8GB 2x4 1066 DDR3 RAM - $40


If you want to know what's compactible with your current system you could use one of these drop down menus from these sites:

And then just see what fits with your current PC and buy the parts separately from somewhere else.

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I'd help you, but since you've gone '20 dorra rewar fur peopl dat halp meh by compta' I'm not.


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Sir Hitson Winsler said:
I'd help you, but since you've gone '20 dorra rewar fur peopl dat halp meh by compta' I'm not.

How about you help him and I take the money?
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