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kwbudirt said:
Would enjoy more immersive wife:
travels to feasts with you.
household quests like letting her decorate the place.
giving her a retinue, courtisans, etc.
outfit changes
before marriage she knew where people were. now she's clueless?
give/receive books from her for positive relation gain.
escort her to see relatives
honor quests.
biggest of all LET HER WALMART SHOP for feasts!
involve her in village quests to improve relationship
have her get kidnapped by bandits. rescue her from lair.
join your warband if she wants
have her get jealous of Morrigan, Solveig, Brunhild.
make her more than a puppy squirting statue!!

Wow, very impressive and immersive ideas you got there, just a fraction of possibilities, but still !!!
I Hope this game had a little more depth and soul in it and wouldn't seem like just another warband mod...  :cry:
Hi @ all,

I would have a Question about modding the game, I am looking for a " Campaign Map making editor " using Bloodpass Editor so far try the other once as well, but there where not easy to use either. I guess the Devs did not release their tools to mod the Game itself? I guess I can do it in Bloodpass but it is kinda a pain... but better then nothing.

I also was wondering if importing Scenes from Native works without problems? Lets say I bring all Castles/Town etc into the Mod, did anyone try that yet? Because my plan is to make a nice huge map with lots of factions and lots of war...

Is there any given limit on Objects on the map or game like lets say 100 towns etc?

I would have a Question about modding the game


this thread is for announcing released mods, not to discuss how to create them.

you can visit the Q&A modding thread to learn the basics about VC, then check the Forge (general forum for modding Warband).

Learn about modding VC:,347990.0.html
Tutorials, tools, general questions, etc in the Forge:,64.0.html

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