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Send Caesar a PM to add any missed mod to the list and/or update the status of each mod.

Released Mods:

--> [TWEAKS] Compilation of Tweaks for VC: +100 (manual edit/text)

--> [TWEAKS] Tool for automatic tweaks: +80 the easy way! (released)

--> [GRAPHICS] Viking Conquest - Reworked Environment (mark7)

--> [SUBMOD] Brytenwalda Armor Textures & Peasent Woman Tree overhaul

-->[SUBMOD]Enhanced Shield Patterns (released)

--> [SUBMOD] VC: Dark Age village names. (Philippe_at_bay)

--> [Add-on]D'ya Like Dags? - Viking Conquest Dog Companion Special Attacks(Khamukkamu)

--> [Submod] Dark Age for Viking Conquest (released 1.6) (ha3481)

--> [TWEAKS] VC Balance Mod (Tingyun)

In development:

--> [SUBMOD] Outlaws Expanded (development)

Warning: this mods should not be used by players until updated.

--> [ADDON] More Pictish painted bodies (released/2.012)

--> [SUBMOD] Viking Conquest Overhaul. (Kale3)

--> [SUBMOD] Downleveled Troops (Gonfalone)

--> [SUBMOD] Ullr's favor (Vaegir Luchnik)

-->[SUBMOD] Sword and Shield Version 3.0

Outdated (old game versions):

Reference material on how to mod the game:

--> Q&A modding VC

--> Customising Armours Tutorial (kraggrim)

--> How to easly modify/add music in Viking Conquest (dissecting music.txt) (Der Kopfsammler)
can modmakers make Frankia and other lands like it (to the east) or add so you can have kids and other lords can have them and add shielmaidens like troops make them rare but exist not camp woman.

And a feature to kill lords in battle or as your prisoners behead them like other prisoners.
Partial german translation

Not official, supported, professional or complete. Its just a result of modding VC for private use.
It is only for Viking Conquest Reforged Edition. And its only a partial translation!

- Parties
- Troops
- Items
- Settlement menu
- some UI
- The rest is english!


- unzip file to "...\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Viking Conquest\languages\"
- In the launcher select german language
Would enjoy more immersive wife:
travels to feasts with you.
household quests like letting her decorate the place.
giving her a retinue, courtisans, etc.
outfit changes
before marriage she knew where people were. now she's clueless?
give/receive books from her for positive relation gain.
escort her to see relatives
honor quests.
biggest of all LET HER WALMART SHOP for feasts!
involve her in village quests to improve relationship
have her get kidnapped by bandits. rescue her from lair.
join your warband if she wants
have her get jealous of Morrigan, Solveig, Brunhild.
make her more than a puppy squirting statue!!
Could you add my VC overhaul mod?,342667.0.html
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