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Howcome when I ram another rider with my horse I'M the one who pays the price?  If I hit another rider in the side head on with my horse he should get stunned, or knocked down or something, not vice versa, just a very annoying game mechanic.
I hate chasing some ignorant rider, and when he slows down and turns I ram him, and get stunned, and my attack does not even swing, in any account he would be the one taking damage, but because I hit him my attack is interrupted by my horse gets stunned.
Its just a load of balogna -_-
I've also noticed that I can be right next to a rider almost going the same direction, and my attacks do nothing, it should at the very least hit other horses in the butt, and if I get closer, bam, my horse gets stunned.
Very cheesy  game mechanics, needs to be changed, for the sake of realism AND funner game mechanics.
The mechanics probably and thankfully won't be changed at this point. Your frustration levels will be lower if you learn and do what works instead of what you think should work.
I want to get angry at this guy, but he does have a point with the horse ramming.

Bannerlord can certainly do something to fix this, in my mind someone going full speed running into a wall on a horse, should probably fall off.
OurGloriousLeader said:
Horse should also get tracks for all-terrain purposes, and main cannons for destroying buildings archers hide in.
This guy knows whats needed. Excellent idea, bob.

Lord Brutus said:
I find it hard to believe he just noticed this after being a forum member for seven years.
He was probably busy mastering infantry, and now decided to take a stab at one of the easier classes, cav.
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