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Thanks to both Ursca and COGlory for starting the compilation

Bug codes:
ENGINE -- Probably related to the engine/exe
SCR NY -- Probably related to my scripts
SCR TW -- Probably related to other scripts
GR -- Graphical issue
UNK -- Cause unknown
OBS -- Hopefully obsolete -- ie, a byproduct of an old bug, or update issues

Serious mesh, physics and collision errors:
* ENGINE Players sink through ground on entering battles,84794.0.html
* ENGINE Horses in particular appear to "skip", almost as if there were MP lag in SP,85354.0.html

Battle AI errors:
* ENGINE Bot AI for horse archers does not yet work
* ENGINE Bot AI for routed agents does not yet work
* ENGINE Belligerent drunks and prison guards will sometimes take a long time to react to the player, as a consequence of not starting alerted
* ENGINE AI troops sometimes respond to player orders in an odd way -- ie, forming a shield wall in the wrong direction

Incomplete features
* SCR NY Lady MacBeth-style manipulation of female players' husbands
* SCR NY Male player/wife social interactions (feasts, etc)
* SCR NY The tavern fistfight
* SCR NY Rescuing prisoners out of prison

World AI errors

Hit detection and collision issues:
* ENGINE Several players note significant hit detection problems in Warband -- particularly with slashing blows from horseback
* ENGINE Numerous issues in the arena -,84163.msg2171661
* GR OR ENGINE? Some scene visitors twitch, possibly as a result of spawning too close to a scene object mesh,84800.0.html.
  This may also occur in the dialog scene:
* ENGINE Climbing stairs can be exaggeratedly slow,84816.0.html

Battle script and menu errors:
* SCR TW? Routed enemies return to battle two rounds after they rout, but also are placed on the world map as a routed party, even if they are killed
* SCR NY Political consequences calculated twice for player vs AI battles
* UNK A player who joins a siege as a defender, then leaves, makes the attacker retreat as well
* SCR NY? If your companions win a battle, but are badly wounded, it is possible to be captured by the defeated party,84222.0.html
* ENGINE Rare instances of spawning in trees,83562.0.htmlPresentation errors:

Event errors:
* ENGINE The name changes that occur after a player enfiefs an NPC do not stick

Model errors:
* ENGINE? Overrepresentation of Khergit hair styles on NPCs (,83975.0.html)

Model issues:
* GR Some testers feel that female court dresses arguably have very exaggerated postures. Female armors may also be too form-fitting.
* ENGINE Characters are rendered without faces or hands on retirement (,84447.0.html)

Mission errors:
* ENGINE When you're in a tavern, you can change your armour and weapons, but you can't remove your helmet.
* ENGINE In the ranged weapon training, shots quite often go straight through the pots without smashing them.
* ENGINE Remove_agent in tavern fights triggers the dying animation, rather than the fade away one
* SCR NY Various problems related to breaking a prisoner out of jail, most notably that they will have a generic troop appearance

Quest errors:
* SCR TW If the bandits in the kidnapped girl quest rout, the girl is not spawned
* SCR TW If you fall in battle with the bandits in the kidnapped girl quest, they will still ask for the ransom on the next encounter
* SCR NY "Visit a lady" quest allows you to be smuggled in to visit any lady in the castle (,84043.0.html)

Scene errors:
* GR The towns Ichamur, Tulga, Halmar have prison exits that leads back into the prison (thus, it's locked if you try to exit)
* GR The castle Haringoth and Tulbuk have prison exits that leads to the Town Center. If you exit via these passages you are brought outside the castle walls. All other castles' prisons are not bugged.
* GR The siege ladder for the Yalen town walls has a big gap at the top
* GR Some hoardings on castle walls are not properly smashed open in order for the siege to occur
* GR Praven and Jelkala have a wall mesh in the middle of the great hall, usually invisible when you first enter
* ENGINE There's problems with the desert terrain type, like the error 'unable to load scene objects! scn_random_scene_desert_forest' and that the horizon model is a normal grassy one. I assume this is known about though.
* SCR NY Sometimes there are too few entry points for all the lords and ladies who attend a feast
* GR Dhirim tavern window scene should probably have some buildings visible

Dialog and string errors:
* OBS? Hostile lords will continue to fight you, even if you persuade them to change sides
* SCR NY Most troubadour conversations assume a male listener
* SCR TW? Giving troops to lords in towns gives troops to the garrison
* SCR TW? Cheat menu sending lords to town results in them going AWOL
* SCR NY Changing court locations does not seem to work

Conversation dead ends and loops

Notes errors
* SCR NY Knight 11 wife appears in character list
* ENGINE? "Player party" appears as an entry in location notes
* ENGINE? "Neutral" and "player faction" appear in faction notes

World map AI errors
* UNK Lords begin to clone themselves later in the game
* ENGINE Marshalls leading parties do not appear to factor in follow accompanying parties in deciding whether to pursue or to flee
* SCR NY Lords entered a newly-captured capital

Graphics issues
* GR Several ocean polygons on the world map are a different color
* GR Sometimes people get translucent blue lines coming out of their heads
* GR Shadows appear unusually blue
* SCR TW? In the battle overhead, player defined groups sometimes use colors which are too similar to enemies/other groups
* ENGINE Interiors can be foggy

Item errors
* GR Some items are blacked out in inventory
* ENGINE Some kingdom ladies will occasionally not have armor
* ENGINE Hair rendering is not reset when you give a companion a helmet in the conversation screen, leading to occasional hairy helmets (,84965.0.html)

Design issues and suggestions:
* ENGINE Rapid changes of castle factions may end up with lords heading to unfriendly castles more frequently than normal. The most efficient way to guard against this might be through the engine, possibly triggering a "game_event" script
* SCR NY or TW - Auto-calc should be weighted to more closely resemble non-auto calc battles -- in particular, making it so that large amounts of poor quality troops are less effective
* SCR NY Kingdom ladies should give player more feedback on when he is approaching a dead end
* SCR NY Player should get feedback on whether ladies/lords are attracted to them
* SCR NY The minister should do a quick scan for lords who are turning against a player monarch
* SCR TW Add clubs to tournaments as sidearms
* SCR NY or TW Duels should not always take place in arenas, and could be done differently
* SCR NY Arranging clandestine meetings with ladies should probably not involve clearing out the feast hall
* ENGINE Party skill +/- bonuses can be confusing for players
* ENGINE War parties do not react and intervene to sieges, as they do in battles,83263.0.html
* ENGINE? Bandits might avoid fortified areas
* SCR NY Create rumor script for peasants on latest diplomatic events, to replace intrusive messages

Extraneous error messages
* SCR TW? "Assertion failed" after saving a village from bandits
* SCR TW Unexpected appearance of "Villagers has joined the battle on your side" during conversations (as a scrolling message?)
* ENGINE The speed bonus in some battles is reported multiple times

Other scripting errors
* UNK A lord who is taken prisoner by the player party may still be found on the map
* SCR NY? "Guards let you through" at castles takes you to the trade assessment menu
* SCR NY Vassalizing yourself does not make your own vassals' fiefs join the new faction

Combat bugs and issues:
* ENGINE Practice weapons do very little damage, particularly javelins

Specific features - belligerent drunk
* SCR NY Belligerent drunk attack is disorienting when he occurs far from the player
* SCR NY Belligerent drunk attack could use more options, perhaps involving persuasion
* SCR NY The belligerent drunk attack scenario could use a different way of disabling missile fire
* SCR NY The belligerent drunk attack does not end when the player is disabled
* SCR NY If you lose a tavern fight, the scene does not end
* SCR NY If you intimidate a belligerent drunk, tavern goers will seek cover as if there is a barfight

Not bugs
* SCR NY You get a lot of DEBUG messages at the beginning of the game.
* SCR NY General message spam on cheat mode, involving sorties, changing relations, and much, much more -- this will be disabled, later

Hopefully fixed for 0.636+
* SCR NY Lords without fiefs should slowly lose relations with their lords, so that the loss of territory should have a more dramatic effect on kingdoms
* SCR NY Companion mission report says that companions are expected back imminently, even if they have already rejoined the party
* SCR NY Companions expected back "imminently" sometimes take a very long time
* SCR NY Lords like Haringoth do not receive family castles
* SCR NY Prisoners can be sent as emissaries
* SCR NY New AI might result in raids being interrupted
* SCR NY After a lady asks the player to free her from a suitor's attention

Hopefully fixed for 0.635.1
* SCR NY Multiple typos related to the relation between speaker and object being reversed (ie, a lady says "my daughter Lord Realcha") (hopefully fixed for 0.636)
* SCR NY Indicting one of your lords for treason can send them fleeing to your own faction (hopefully fixed for 0.636)
* SCR NY Player should be able to dedicate a victory in a tournament to a specific lady (added to 0.635)
* SCR NY As of 0.635, lords' parties will perform only a very limited range of actions on the world map (hopefully fixed as of 0.636)
* SCR NY Mercenary wages not added to player's purse (hopefully fixed for 0.636)
* SCR NY Giving companions fiefs can trigger a looping conversation, if they have ever performed a mission (hopefully fixed for 0.636)

Fixed with 0.635 txt files
* When a lord says that he is looking forward to a wedding
* Various related to breaking a lord out of prison
* After appointing a new minister
* When you tell a lord that his daughter's dower is too expensive
* Numerous obstacles to female PCs getting married
* Provoke-a-war quest overhauled, but with errors
* Lords give command of their forces to players
* Companion lack of renown makes them have very small party max sizes when turned into lords
* Ladies will sometimes marry themselves

Fixed with 0.635 exe
* Blunt weapons appear to deal lethal damage
* I couldn't use x to use my javelins in melee in a tournament
* No icons on friendlies in sieges or village fights
* In large battles sometimes "Unable to restore vertex buffer - disabling mesh instancing" pops up in red, and all helmets, weapons and shield models disappear.
* Tactical map does not go away with the second backspace
* Editing the character face after start-up will cause a crash
* Music sometimes fails to start
* Sometimes, every troop is listed as archer in the tactical map
* Non-player command orders in battle yield messages ("Advance ten paces", etc)
* Joining the melee fight at the Sargoth tournament grounds puts the character into spectator mode. Several other problems with melee mode
* Sometimes parties spawn very close to each other in battles, possibly when a player intervenes to help an ally
* Division by zero errors will often occur at the end of battles (related to the script which counts agents for each side)
* Any prisoners that are in the enemy party you've just defeated will not be available for you to recruit after the battle ends.
* Fewer enemies are available to be captured than were knocked out

Fixed with 0.634 exe
* Frequent RGL crashes in battles. (hopefully fixed as of 0.633)
* Some experience the following CTD at start-up -- RGL Error at startup "unable to open arabian_houses.brf" (hopefully no longer repeats after 0.633)
* A victory sometimes does not lead to the enemy party losing troops (hopefully fixed by post-0.633 exe from Singil)
* A victory sometimes does not lead to battle_debrief menu (hopefully fixed by post-0.633 exe)

Latest fixes (as of 0.632.3)
* Script_error npc_decision_war_or_peace sometimes yields a string of bugs (hopefully fixed for next update)
* Wives do not move to the husband's home after marrying the player (hopefully fixed for next update)
* At the end of the wedding ceremony with the father (hopefully fixed for next update)
* Raid caravan quest overhauled
* Rescure prisoner conversational dead ends fixed
* Should no longer be possible for player monarchs to ask vassals what they think of the king

Latest fixes (as of 0.632.2)
* Tavern keepers aren't finding jobs properly (still occasionally returns a strange string)
* Various errors related to store_quest_partner not registering some quests
* The prison guard says that lords who are on parole are still in the dungeon
* Female PCs can court kingdom ladies
* In the middle of the arranged fistfight dialog with the rough-looking character
* Border incidents were not working properly
* Various strange strings and typos

Other bugs, hopefull already fixed:
* Companions and sometimes the player can be captured after battles (hopefully fixed in 0.632.1)
* Script init_variables sometimes yields division by zero error (hopefully fixed in 0.632.1)
* Lords will occasionally follow the player around on the world map (possibly related to faction change, hopefully fixed for 0.633)
* NPCs had very odd ages (hopefully fixed for 0.633+)
* When you ask a minister to rejoin a party (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* When you try to restate your argument to recruit a lord (hopefully fixed for 0.633)
* At the end of the fistfight introduction (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* Various issues related to finalizing a marriage (hopefully fixed for 0.633)
* Some quest givers will say, 's48' (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* Odds strings in "my X has spoken highly of you" (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* Infinite dialog loop when you try to declare war (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* If you have no viable emissaries, you send yourself (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* After you decide to duel, the lady says "no relation" (hopefully fixed for 0.633)
* Initiating a duel, you demand that the lord relinquish his suit of you (related to the problem with quest_giver_troop, and hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* String errors occur when an emissary returns from trying to arrange a truce (hopefully fixed for 0.633)
* If you're in a center with a lord, and there are lords outside, this stops you from intriguing (hopefully fixed for 0.633)
* The option to sail from inland towns. This might just be a cheat option, but it hasn't got (cheat) in front of it. ("cheat" added as of 0.633+)
* Ymira is in every prison (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* Various faction incompatibilities relating to lords switching sides (hopefully fixed for 0.633)
* Many quests have an improper quest giver (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* Track down bandits quest has you chasing the wrong party (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* Treason indictments can cause player parties to change color (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* Error message appears when war is declared (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* When NPCs get engaged, they get engaged to themselves (hopefully fixed for 0.631)
* Treason indictments can create a domino effect on lord/liege relations which can bring down the faction (hopefully fixed for 0.633)
* Keeping the town lord as unassigned will sometimes lead to a relation change bug (hopefully fixed for 0.633)
* Female player will sometimes quit her own party (hopefully fixed for 0.633)
* Captured companions are treated like enemy lords after a battle
* In some cases, the player can take him or herself as prisoner
* You can send yourself as an emissary to a realm, thereby crashing the game