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This is a thread full of possible solutions to the Multiplayer server not populating.The developers are working hard on fixing this issue, but for now we have to rely on user made fixes to help the bug. Now these solutions may or may not work for you, they work for some people but not all.

Solution 1
1) from command line digit netsh winsock reset

2) Restart PC

3) Start M&B warband and enjoy multiplayer!

Submitted by Tanfata

Solution 2
1) Go to your routers setup page.

2)Uncheck both block IP flooding and block anonymous connections options

3) Start M&B Warband Multiplayer.

Submitted by Manatic

Solution 3
1.Launch game as usually go to the point where you get ''stuck'' (retrieving server list.. or connecting to a server)

2.wait few secs than press ALT+TAB  go to start log off and switch user

3.Log back in in your account go back to game and what a surprise it WORKS

Submitted by Perkunas

Solution 4
1) Find the RGL_config.txt in your Warband Folder and Open it.

2) Find the max_number_of_connections and change the value from 64 to 20 or so.

3) Save and Start Warband

Submitted by the Developers

Solution 5
1) Find the RGL_config.txt in your warband Folder and Open it.

2) Find the use_secure_connection = 1 and change it to 0.

3) If it's already 0 change it to 1

4) Save and Start Warband.

Submitted by the Developers

Solution 6
1) Go into Multiplayer.

2) Host your own game and start Map and spawn.

3) Quit and press start search.

Submitted by TreeBeard

If all else fails
1) Close down any apps accessing the internet.
2) Start Warband windowed and go to the MP page where you can click 'Join a server'.
3) Start Wireshark.
4) On Window 7 my wireless adaptor is listed a simply "Microsoft", so Start capture on interface: Microsoft (On XP I think it listed the adaptor type)
5) Click on Join a server.
You will see a load of coloured entries showing up on the Wireshark screen, this process normally completes in a few seconds.
6) Click Capture, Stop. File, Saveas, etc.
You could zip and attach whole log to the bug report, its not very big or look for the "GET /handlerservers.ashx?" one Daegoth requested, right-click and select 'Follow TCP Stream'.

Props to Nood
One of the Dev's requested for you to do this and after doing so please post the results at the bug tracker which is located below.

Here is the bug tracker for this bug:

If you have a solution and it's currently not in here or if a solution has solved your problem please post here.
Add a Step by Step instructions for Wireshark​


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+1 Internet to you Sir! :smile:

There seems to be at least 3 different related issues here. :neutral:

Crossbow Joe

Grandmaster Knight
Solution 1: I do not know what all that about winsock reset is
Solution 2: Done and still does not work, plus it is not my internet because I have it installed twice (steam and non steam) and one works and one does not. I explained here,126709.0.html
Solution 3: Does not work. And I may add mine never gets "stuck" it says retrieving server list then retrieving server list (180) and after about 10 seconds that goes away and then there is nothing. No servers or retrieving.
Solution 4, 5 and 6: do not work.
:sad: Can someone help me? Read the link for a full explanation of my situation. Have not attempted the last resort yet partly because to me it makes no sense.



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fix this please Devs, i'm tired of playing on one half -decent native server...


with going into your files and changeing max number of connections i found that lowering it to 20 accutaly made it wortse causeing me from getting about half the servers to none. While increasing the number made me find the servers fast (much faster) how ever still did not fix the problem


after trying all i still have this annoying bug where i see only 40ish servers out of what people say should be like 200?


I did all the RGL stuff but nothing worked. im gonna try just restarting computer. its been on standby for like 5 weeks.


I only have an issue with seeing servers my friends make and vice versa, they can't see the ones I make. I can see quite a lot of other servers though, mostly the dedicated ones but a few non-dedicated ones too. I tried solutions 4 and 5, and I checked my firewalls and stuff and they weren't blocking the program or anything.

It's kind of annoying, as I can see pretty much every dedicated server I think, but if me and a friend just want to host a little friendly duel we can't :sad:
Also, I'm not sure I understand most of the other solutions.


Evening, i've also encountered problems when refreshing server list. i keep getting  a shortlist some are from russia, some from spain.

But i just can't seem to find the server am trying to find and i know its up.

Ive tried alll the solutions but none worked. However yesterday i only had like 38 but today i have like around 45.

any new solutions?

Thank you.


Mine only shows me 5 empty servers that are pretty much empty all the time. AWESOME! :grin:
Any help would be appreciated but not expecting anything considering the number of replies the older posts on this thread are getting.
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