Compilation of 82 little tweaks to the text files to change your gameplay(links)

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Thank God that Clear Sky was awful else I would never have found this game .....  :grin:

Well, no, but you know what I mean .. but anyway, just wanted to say that this is a great thread with some amazing information and tweaks in it. I am not going to change my game too much, as I love it how it is, but I am tempted to adjust the prisoner amount.

Again, thank you for such an informative thread.


Quite a few of your tweaks have been very helpful to me. Thanks for taking time out of your day to dig through the game's files.

While siegeing I sometimes find myself wishing to make a change to the party setup or my loadout after I've built the siegetower, only to find that I have to abandon the siege and my siegeequipment to do so. Is there a way to allow access to the inventory and/or party screens while in the siege menu? An alternative just as nice method would be allowing the siegeequipment to stay like it does if you get attacked while siegeing. That way you could temporarily abandon to switch your setup then resume where you left off without having to start from scratch. (assuming you don't go awandering).
they all look very helpfull and im trying the player faction name tweak but if i may ask why isnt it possible for a lord of a defeated nation to join your rebel nation? because without lord running freely the bandits realy are building up strenght


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To change the siege menu to allow access of party menu and inventory, search for:
menu_castle_besiege 4096
The 4096 is telling it to show a picture, we need to add 256 to that (256 tells it to enable hotkeys) so change it to 4352.

Update: For the module system, what you need to do here is add mnf_enable_hot_keys. All menus without that don't let you access inventory or party. So you need to change:

It's possible. I can just search for persuasion in the scripts, triggers, dialog, etc. I'll do that later today.

I think the game's "honor" is a different concept of honor. Obviously murdering the innocent doesn't play into it (Die villagers, die! MWahahahaha! Oh, nah you can keep your crappy food. Yay, I'm honorable!). "Honor" in the game just ties into how nice you treat rich people (lords and ladies), and for some reason it also applies to not taking a reward when offered (but taking everything they got when not offered is OK too). Being an ******* to the poor folk is just expected, but not releasing a rich guy who murdered your friends?! That's just dishonorable.

I had actually just looked into the siege menu before reading your post. Coincidence? :grin:

It's just the way the game is coded. They could join your faction once you become a full empire again (if you're supporting the claimant) but they'll never join you while you're a rebel. It would kinda be annoying if they did though, I mean if your the leader and you really hate em, you don't want them to just go "Hi! I'm on your team." Someone would have to build some type of system that allows you to recruit them.

To everyone else I've not gotten around to replying to,
Thanks, Your Welcome, {insert generic reply to your post here}, etc.  Yes, I'm lazy.  :razz:
7. Make all parties that dislike you (like bandits) group up against you.

My question is: Do we have to start a new game for the change to take effect? I followed directions exactly - it doesn't change anything. The largest bandit hoard I've seen is 48 men. I'd like to add that your other edits work wonderfullly and I am glad for them, especially for the one that increases our chance to capture Lords.

Edit: Perhaps it is working and I didn't notice. I expected to see bandit groups physically smoosh together to form a larger group.

Edit: I don't know if it's working or not. Will we be able to actually see on the map groups of bandits form into a larger group? So far the largest group I've seen is 48 sea raiders.


Here's how to change how much you get per prisoner

game_get_prisoner_price -1
11 21 1 1224979098644774912 2133 2 72057594037927936 50 4 0 33 3 144115188075855885 360287970189639821 360287970189639831 2171 2 1224979098644774913 1224979098644774912 2133 2 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774913 2105 2 1224979098644774914 10 2107 2 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774914 2108 2 1224979098644774914 6 3 0 2075 1 72057594037927936

Change the 50 to whatever you want and you're good to go
It's savegame compatible and works if you set it so that the inn keeper can buy prisoners
Zandman said:
That's dishonorable?
I didn't know it ought to be that easy to buy free P.O.W.s in the middle of a war.

It's a ransom system which was used in the middle ages, though. The Lords basically had a code of agreement because they felt they were better than torturing, keeping people in jail, that sort of thing... it was their code of ethics to sell the noble enemies back. Or maybe they just liked making a big fat profit on them instead of killing them.  :lol: I think it's kind of cool to add to the game, but not quite fleshed out. Once you're negative honor they should give you the bastard choices for instance to kill Lords, or keep them without possibility of ransom.



redmurder1's fix lets us sell all prisoners for a higher price but....

Is it possible to design a tweak that lets you sell more decorated prisoners for a higher price? I mean, it seems awkward that a Swadian recruit and a Swadian knight both sell for 50 denars :razz: . Seems unrealistic to me.


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Making prisoner value dependent upon level is already mostly in the code. Theres just a line left out (I'm not sure if it was intentional or not). Heres how to add the line in and make it dependent on level. Find this in scripts.txt:
game_get_prisoner_price -1
11 21 1 1224979098644774912 2133 2 72057594037927936 50 4 0 33 3 144115188075855885 360287970189639821 360287970189639831 2171 2 1224979098644774913 1224979098644774912 2133 2 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774913 2105 2 1224979098644774914 10 2107 2 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774914 2108 2 1224979098644774914 6 3 0 2075 1 72057594037927936
Add this in right between the 6 and the 3 and change the 11 to a 12:
2133 2 72057594037927936 1224979098644774914
Your new script should look like this:
game_get_prisoner_price -1
12 21 1 1224979098644774912 2133 2 72057594037927936 50 4 0 33 3 144115188075855885 360287970189639821  360287970189639831 2171 2 1224979098644774913 1224979098644774912 2133 2 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774913 2105 2 1224979098644774914 10 2107 2 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774914 2108 2 1224979098644774914 6 2133 2 72057594037927936 1224979098644774914 3 0 2075 1 72057594037927936
The value has already been calculated by the rest of the script, they just forgot to assign the new value - that's what the extra line does. The actual calculation is level + 10, square that and divide by 6. So a looter is 4+10 = 14, squared =  196, div by 6 = 32.667, rounded down to 32 (the game only saves whole numbers, decimals are just discarded). A Nord Huscarl, on the other hand, is worth 28 +10, squared = 1444, div by 6 = 240. Slightly less for the weak, way more for the strong.

Note that by default this does not work with Ramun the slave trader, or tavernkeepers (if you made the other tweak), due to a check in the script to limit the calculation to ransom brokers. You can change the check to include Ramun and tavern keepers if you like, just change the 360287970189639821 360287970189639831 to this:
360287970189639808  360287970189640122
What that does is broaden the range to include Ramun on the left side and all the tavernkeepers on the right side. I assume the only reason of this check would be that Ramun was supposed to pay a set price of 50 while ransom brokers relied on the level of the troop, so Ramun would pay more for looters and such but less for higher tier troops.

Also, this is not compatible with red.murder's tweak - if you make it use the calculation it will overwrite the 50. I'll list them both so people can chose which one they want.

Rivacheg Raid,
They don't actually group up in big groups, what that does is make separate nearby groups join together when you attack one. So if you have 3 sea raider parties chasing you, and the closest one attacks, all 3 will attack. Or if you have 3 running from you and you jump on one, the other two help. The same way lords help eachother.
Ah, so it IS working! Yes, I noticed that other bandits would come to the fight but I wasn't sure if it was so in native.

I just want to bug you one last time. Is there a universal charge value to change the charge strength of all horses, or would something like this this involve modifying the values of each and every horse?

This I ask for myself and those of us that like fighting as all infantry armies, to give us an extra challenge against enemy cavalry by buffing their charge strength so that they slow down less when mobbed.


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Heres a list of everything that persuasion does, and how to change the way it works. These first 3 are in conversation.txt.

1. Persuasion gives you a much better chance of convincing npcs to stay when they decide to leave. What it does is take a number between -2 and 12 and compares it to your persuasion score. If the number is less than or equal to the persuasion score they stay, otherwise they leave. If you want to change this find:
2136 3 1224979098644774912 -2 13
The -2 13 is the range (random numbers generated are a range from the left number and the right number -1).

2. Persuasion gives you a bonus to winning lords to your side during the rebel conversation. It takes persuasion times 5 and then generates a randon number between -10 and (persuasionx5 -1). So 10 persuasion would be -10 to 49. This is straight up added to the chance of winning them over, so it's already a pretty good increase. If you want to change this search for:
2107 2 1224979098644774913 5
Just change the 5 if you want a higher multiplier.

3. Persuasion gives you a bonus when you try to persuade a lord to do something (for quests). What this does is take your persuasion skill plus 5 and then it takes two random numbers between 0 and (persuasion + 5 -1) and adds them together. It then subtracts the persuasion strength and does a bunch of other calculations, until you end up with the result. Basically, persuasion doesn't do much here. 1 persuasion only makes a TINY change, and even 10 persuasion isn't a huge bonus. To change this search for:
2120 3 1224979098644774915 1224979098644774914 5
This is where it adds 5 to persuasion. Instead of doing that, we can change the 2120 to 2122 to make it multiply instead of add. So instead of 2 persuasion being 2 + 5 = 7, its 2 x 5 = 10. 0 and 1 persuasion end up being lower (0 and 5 instead of 5 and 6) but 2 and up is higher. This might make it too easy to persuade with high levels, but you'd have to add in extra lines to get it to calculate it differently.

4. This one is in menus.txt. Persuasion gives you a better chance of recruiting prisoners from your party. What it does is take 15 minus your persuasion score, multiplied by 4 - and that is the chance of them rejecting. So 0 persuasion gives a 60% chance of rejection, while 10 persuasion gives a 20% chance of rejection. To change this, find:
2121 3 1224979098644774918 15 1224979098644774917
The 15 is what persuasion is taken out of. Reducing it would decrease the chance of rejection, both with and without persuasion. Every point you reduce it lowers the rejection rate 4% for both. Reducing it to 10 would mean 0% rejection at skill level 10 and 40% at skill level 0.

5. This one is in triggers.txt. Persuasion is added to the "grievance divisor," which is 100 by itself. It multiplies their grievance by 9 and then divides it by the grievance divisor every 24 hours. At 0 the divisor would be 100, so grievances would be reduced to 90% of their current value. At 10 the divisor would be 110, so they would be reduced to 81% of their value. Changing this would require adding an extra line, but from looking at the script it seems to do fine - npcs would get over things about twice as fast with 10 persuasion.

That's a comprehensive list of everything Persuasion does in the text files. It could do something else thats hard coded, but that's everything we can see - unless it's in a file I didn't check (I checked scripts, simple_triggers, triggers, conversation, and menus).

Rivacheg Raid,
You'd have to go through all the different types of horses and change the charge value. It isn't that hard to do with the item editor though.

-edit Rivacheg Raid, actually I forgot that theres a horse_charge_damage_multiplier in module.ini. That might be what you're looking for, I haven't actually tested it to see if it changes the damage done.


1stly thx for all the great work done.  =)

how do i increase the xp gained for my player hero? the player_xp_multiplier doesnt seem to work.. or is there a limit? seems i can only get 29999 xp after battle max for player.


oic.. hmm if thats the case may i request how to change the damage done per point in power strike? or weapon speed per point in agility?

thx thx =)


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Just noticed I forgot to reply to your post :razz:. Changing skills to rely on different stats is actually quite easy, just open up skills.txt and find
skl_persuasion Persuasion 2 10 This_skill_helps_you_make_other_people_accept_your_point_of_view._(Personal_skill)
Change the 2 to a 3 and it will use charisma. 0 is strength, 1 is agility, 2 is int, 3 is charisma.

You can even modify the reserved skills to add completely new skills to the game, but you'd have to make scripts that control how they work.

I believe thats all hard coded. You could just give yourself more stat points by exporting/importing, if you really wanted to.


Thanks for everything, now i got another one, how can we change the loyalty gain when you succeed a misson for the village and lords?
TheMageLord said:
Rivacheg Raid,
-edit Rivacheg Raid, actually I forgot that theres a horse_charge_damage_multiplier in module.ini. That might be what you're looking for, I haven't actually tested it to see if it changes the damage done.

Okay, here are test results for horse_charge_damage_multiplier of 10 on a level 4 character

+ Trample damage knocks out sea raider on impact
+ The horse ( the starting horse ) trampling does not slow the horse down at all
- The horse still cannot run through a group of allies - it stops abruptly or rears if caught
+ Speed Bonus +150% == 85 damage from my dagger causes instant kill on victim looter
+ - Speed Bonus does not count on enemies that hit you while you are riding at top speed

So my guess from this one experiment is: infantry strategists might want to change the value anywhere from 2 to 4



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I mentioned before that it would be complicated, but I guess I can do an explanation of how to make changes to relation gains from quests. Note that this will be a LONG list, especially for the lords - and it isn't as easy to do as most of the other tweaks.

First, the quests from towns and villages: Go into conversation.txt and search for
1 3 936748722493063320 144115188075856056
The number directly following this will be what relation is actually being added. There will 15 be instances of it. I'll list what the different instances are (you could probably figure out based on what the dialog says) and what the default is, the same way I did with editing quest timers.

1. Deliver wine quest, 1
2. Buy drinks at tavern, 1
3. Make peace between kingdoms and accept money, 5
4. Make peace between kingdoms and decline money, 8
5. Kill night bandits, 1
6. Kill looter parties, 5
7. Deliver goods from looters quest - no longer used afaik, 3
8. Move cattle herd, 3
9. Bring back ransom girl, 2
10. Troublesome bandits, 2
11. Deliver cattle to village completion, 5
12. Deliver grain to village completion, 5
13. Accepting deliver grain to village, 5
14. Accepting train peasants, 3
15. Accepting deliver cattle, 3

That's most of the quests. The caravan reputation bonus is handled slightly differently, if you want to change the bonus for escorting a caravan find:
1 3 936748722493063320 1224979098644774914 1
and change the 1.

Now for lords. There are 75(!!) instances of these, because it isn't just quests - a LOT of things change relation with lords, some good some bad. I'll just list them all. Find
1 3 936748722493063319 144115188075855885
Same thing as above, number following that is what's added and I'll list the instances and the defaults:

1. Capturing a 'rescued' lord, -30
2. Freeing a rescued lord, 7
3. Capturing a defeated lord, -10
4. Freeing a defeated lord, 5
5. Gain or Loss from comments, set by other things (like releasing him last time you met, or raiding his village, etc)
6. Asking if you can avoid the battle and him saying yes, -7
7. Initial bonus for joining claimant, 25
8. Renouncing friendship of another lord, 5 (-10 to the other lord)
9. Defending friendship of another lord, -10 (5 to the other lord)
10. Saying that you don't want to be involved in quarrel between lords, -2 (-3 to the other lord)
11. Gain or loss from comments, set by other things (related to #5 above)
12. Incriminate loyal commander success, 5
13. Incriminate loyal commander failure, -5
14. Meet spy in enemy town success, 3
15. Start a war by raiding caravans success, 10
16. Start a war by raiding caravans failure, -10
17. Collect debt, 3
18. Kill the merchant, 4
19. Let the merchant go, 2
20. Follow spy - capture and bring back both, 4
21. Follow spy - capture and bring back spy, -1
22. Follow spy - capture and bring back handler, 1
23. Follow spy - failure to capture either, -2
24. Bring back serfs, 4
25. Fail to bring back serfs, -1
26. Refuse to bring back serfs (side with serfs?), -10
27. Bring back part of the serfs, based on # of parties brought back.
28. Kill bandits in village for a lord, 3
29. Failing to kill bandits in village for a lord, -5
30. Bring cattle during campaign, 2
31. Scout during campaign, 1
32. Accept quest to bring cattle during campaign, 1
33. Report to army for campaign, 2
34. Accept quest to scout during campaign, 1
35. Lend companion to lord, 3
36. Challenge lord to a duel (for lady quest), -20
37. Deliver message to lord, 1
38. Deliver message to enemy lord, 1
39. Ask for and receive pardon, 3
40. Ask for and reject pardon, -5
41. Tell lord to surrender or die, -1
42. Cancel attacking lord after threatening attack, -1
43. A different threaten attack one (when friendly?), -5
44. Verify attack when friendly, -30
45. Capture enemy hero success, 4
46. Train troops for lord and hand them over, 8
47. Collect taxes for lord success, 4
48. Collect taxes for lord failure, -1
49. Hunt down fugitive success - accept reward, 2
50. Hunt down fugitive success - reject reward, 2
51. Hunt down fugitive failure, -1
52. Tell a lord "Like me" (part of cheats I think), 20
53. Accept mission to deliver letter, 1
54. Rudely reject mission to deliver letter, -4
55. Accept mission from lord to deal with bandits, 3
56. Accept mission to train troops, 2
57. Accept mission to collect taxes, 2
58. Accept mission to hunt down fugitive, 3
59. Accept mission to meet spy in enemy town, 1
60. Accept mission to raid caravans to start a war, 5
61. Accept mission to follow and capture spy, 1
62. Accept mission to capture enemy lord, 1
63. Accept loaning companion out, 3
64. Accept mission to collect debt, 2
65. Reject mission to incriminate commander, -5
66. Accept mission to incriminate commander, 3
67. Reject mission (I think this is a generic one), -1
68. Duel for lady success, 10
69. Duel for lady failure, 6
70. Escort lady success, 2
71. Rescue lord for lady, 8
72. Accept mission to duel for lady, 3
73. Reject mission to duel for lady, -1
74. Reject mission from lady, -1
75. Convince lord to do something by relationship (for quests), negative based on other script

On any of these you can add the number on to search for a specific thing, like if I wanted to search for the reward for dueling for a lady, I'd search for
1 3 936748722493063319 144115188075855885 10
and find the second instance of it.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if I made a mistake on the list, since it's 90 (!) different entries :razz:
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