Compilation of 82 little tweaks to the text files to change your gameplay(links)

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I believe those are both hard coded into the engine too. If you gave horses less charge I believe they'd have more trouble running through infantry, though. I've never really seen a problem with the current system, horses usually down pretty quick when you run right into a mob of infantry.

Athletics already makes you pretty darn fast. With 10 athletics and no armor you can practically catch horses. If you wanted to make armored troops move faster in general, you could decrease weight on armors.


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Heres another one. Modify troop wages. This one is in scripts.txt.
game_get_troop_wage -1
42 21 1 1224979098644774912 22 1 1224979098644774913 2133 2 1224979098644774914 0 4 0 1073741855 2 1224979098644774912 360287970189639680 31 2 1224979098644774912 360287970189639798 5 0 33 3 1224979098644774912 360287970189639966 360287970189639971 5 0 2171 2 1224979098644774915 1224979098644774912 2133 2 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774915 2105 2 1224979098644774914 3 2107 2 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774914 2108 2 1224979098644774914 25 3 0 4 0 152 1 1224979098644774912 2107 2 1224979098644774914 5 2108 2 1224979098644774914 3 3 0 4 0 33 3 1224979098644774912 360287970189639706 360287970189639713 2107 2 1224979098644774914 3 2108 2 1224979098644774914 2 3 0 4 0 33 3 1224979098644774912 360287970189639844 360287970189639860 2107 2 1224979098644774914 2 3 0 2170 3 1224979098644774916 1369094286720630785 360287970189639680 2122 3 1224979098644774917 5 1224979098644774916 2121 3 1224979098644774918 100 1224979098644774917 2107 2 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774918 2108 2 1224979098644774914 100 4 0 2147483679 2 1224979098644774912 360287970189639680 2147483679 2 1224979098644774912 360287970189639798 2147483681 3 1224979098644774912 360287970189639966 360287970189639971 2111 2 1224979098644774914 1 3 0 2133 2 72057594037927936 1224979098644774914 2075 1 72057594037927936
The 5 and 3 are the mounted troop wage adjustment - it is multiplied by the first and divided by the second (so it's 2/3 more wage for mounted units). The 3 and 2 are the mercenary wage adjustment - it is multiplied by the first and divided by the second (so it's 50% more wage for mercenaries). The 2 is the cost multiplier for companions (so they cost twice as much as regular troops of the same level). The 5 is the percentage to reduce troop wages per leadership point. This shouldn't be raised much, if any, because at 10 it would effectively make troop wages 0 at 10 leadership, but the minimum is 1 so you'd pay 1 for everything.

Also, the 3 and 25 are the way it calculates the base wage for level. What it does is it takes the level of the troop, plus the 3, then squares it (multiplied by itself), then divides it by the 25 to get the base wage (which is then modified by everything else mentioned above).

-edit- If you want to change the divisor for garrison wages do a search for
3 0 2108 2 1224979098644774913 2
The 2 is what it divides garrisoned troops' wages by (default 2, so 1/2 price).


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sheer awesomeness through understanding those scripts and share them  :mrgreen:
thanks alot, Mage Lord
Hey guys anyone know how to change siege tower building time? Looks like it's in menus.txt maybe this?
mno_build_siege_tower  2 541 3 144115188075856056 27 1 31 2 144115188075856068 0  Build_a_siege_tower.  1 2060 1 864691128455135297  . 

Thanks. I'll try experimenting myself later if no one gets it I don't want to reload the game a bunch of times right now though.


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Close, but that's just linking you to the menu which calculates the build times :smile:

Open menus.txt and search for
2107 2 72057594037927940 6
2107 2 1224979098644774913 6
The 6's are the multiplier for build time. First one is the displayed build time, and second is the one actually assigned (so change them both to be the same thing). If you set them both to 1 it would make siege towers take 1/6th of the current time to build.

-edit- If you want to make the siege tower push faster you can do that too: Search for
2105 2 144115188075856338 1
in scripts.txt. That's where it adds the number of men pushing the belfry, normally every guy that's pushing adds 1. If you change that to 2 it would act like it had twice as many men, and move twice as fast.


Any chance you have a way to edit the cost for troops ONLY when garrisoned?  I'm not so much worried about troops I'm running around with but I'd like to be able to adjust those garrison rates.


MageLord and every other contributor, i would like to deeply thank you all for the good work and all the explanation for the tweak yourself guide, a lot of these tweaks made my gameplay much more enjoyable but there is only one tweak i can think off that make my life a nightmare, the attack rate on my castle town as rebel ( not rebel while helping the claimant but purely rebel ) if you could find out how to decrease the chance a lord will siege a castle town etc or simply make them not besiege one of my fiefs if there is already 1-2 already going on.

Once agani thank you all for your great work and i hope to see more of them as i have a lot of idea in mind that need some expert hands but right now those idea are just unexplainable for now ( English is not my main langage im french XD ).

Keep up the good work and have a nice day.

P.S.: 66 hour to build a tower with engineer 4.....

Edit: Also the rate at wich the companion raise in level would be awesome too :wink:


Hey mage while you are on the topic of seige towers is there any way to tweak the number of people it uses or increase the speed i moves at?


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I edited the troop wages post to include the divisor for garrisoned troops.

The best way to prevent sieging your land is to make strong garrisons - they won't siege them near as often if their are other easier to siege places. For the companion xp use the hero_xp_multiplier in module.ini like Lancefighter said.

Increasing the number of people would be difficult (it has to map out a bunch of stuff to use 6 slots, adding another would require a good bit more code throughout the script) but making it move faster isn't that difficult. Search for
2105 2 144115188075856338 1
in scripts.txt. That's where it adds the number of men pushing the belfry, normally every guy that's pushing adds 1. If you change that to 2 it would act like it had twice as many men, and move twice as fast.


TheMageLord, would you kindly search for the following tweaks?

- Tweaking the amount of Exp gained from quests and battles. It might be a little tedious to look for all of the quests rewards, so merely the Exp gained for a battle would be appreciated.
- Changing the amount of Honor lost upon refusal to ransom captured lords.
- Changing the amount of Exp needed for an individual soldier to level up to its next tier.

Even if you fail to find said tweaks, your work is highly appreciated, TML.



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You can adjust xp earned during battle and the speed of npcs leveling up with the _xp_multiplier's in module.ini.

As far as the direct after-battle xp gain, search scripts.txt for
2108 2 1224979098644774922 100 1674
The 100 is the divisor for party XP shares. Changing it to 50 would result in double xp for after-battle xp gain.

Honor lost for refusal to ransom lords is in menus.txt, search for
1 2 936748722493063326 -1
The -1 is the amount of honor to subtract. It's only 1 honor lost by default.


Thanks!  That helped things out a bunch.  Until we get proper modding going again this thread has allowed me to do a lot of fun things that weren't really possible before.  =)


Okay I have another request, maybe more within the realm of plausibility.

TheMageLord said:
Mills gives a one time bonus of 5%, which I admit kinda sucks... Changing it to a recurring means you have to add a new trigger (so might not be savegame compatible).

Heres a simple trigger that I made from scratch that you can add that will keep applying the bonus:
720.000000 3 6 3 1224979098644774912 648518346341351501 648518346341351591 541 3 1224979098644774912 131 1 1 3 936748722493063465 1224979098644774912 5
What this does is: Every 720 hours (30 days) it runs a check through all the villages. For each village with a mill, it triggers a script that increases prosperity by 5%.

What you do is open up simple_triggers.txt and paste that whole thing in at the very bottom, then go up to the very top and increase the very first number in the file (84, on line 2) by 1 (so 85 unless you've added other triggers). That way it will read the trigger. Again, I don't know if this is savegame compatible - I don't have a save with a mill built to see if it is or not. Also note that while this trigger *should* work, im only human. I'll be using it myself, though - so I do trust it :smile:

This trigger is great but I don't know if I want the prosperity of my village to increase exponentially.  Already I have a village that is creating quite a bit of wealth, almost too much.

So my request is, could you alter this trigger so that it adds wealth instead of multiplying it (ie prosperity increases linearly rather than exponentially)?

EDIT:  Or maybe you can show where the game implements the initial 5% and how to change that to 20%?


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I guess I could've worded that better. What it actually does is increase prosperity BY 5. It's on a 0-99 scale, so I just said 5%. It's 5% of the maximum, but it doesn't build exponentially.

So if your current prosperity in village is 20, it will add 5 to make that 25, and then another 5 to be 30, and so on. Eventually it will reach 99, at which point it will no longer raise.

I'm not sure if the 0-99 clamp is intentional, it might have been intended to be 0 to 100. It's a similar thing with village loyalty - some scripts clamp it from 0 to 100, others from 0 to 99 - causing a bit of confusion when you have a village given to you and it raises loyalty to 100, then you do a quest for them and it "raises" it to 99 :smile:


TheMageLord, how much control could you have over the Persuasion skill? Is it possible to make the skill points spent in it more useful, or could we at least see how its results are calculated for debt/rebellion/desertion checks?



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Thanks a million times for fixing that "losing honor when refusing" thing - it's one of the stupidest things in the game. Seriously.

* Enemy lord raids your village. Plunders poor peasants, burns, kills.
* I catch the bastard, but I allow him to live (well, lords are impossible to kil, aren't they?).
* After a short while, my enemies want their raiding bastard lord back, for a ridiculously low price.
* I refuse. I've just caught him, and feel he and the enemy faction should be punished for this cruel act of violence. At least, that the lord be kept out of the game for a long time.

That's dishonorable?
I didn't know it ought to be that easy to buy free P.O.W.s in the middle of a war.

Oh well, I'd better go repair all that, then, by kicking my allied lords' asses because they never take back those allegations (that I have no way of proving true or false in the first place) about ladies I hardly know. Honor restored!
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