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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary:Companions left in towns will teleport to random other towns after a few days.
Same bug than here.
How to Reproduce:Leave any companion in any town and wait a few days.
Have you used cheats and if so which:none
Scene Name (if related):any
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The issue was fixed but it looks like save&load does bug it out. Forwarding to QA team for further investigation.


I understand and thank you for letting know.
For info, I did some tests with 1.8.0, with a brand new campaign in sandbox and the bug happened before saving/reloading.


I would like to point out that this is something that needs to be moved up the fix list imo, as its not "just a nuisance" that you fixed easy with micromanagement in prior patches. (meaning it do have much more an impact now than before).

Before you could just dismiss the companion as the governor and then exit the windows, then asign them to be governor and it worked instant.
The problem is with the new "summon feature" that was introduced in 1.80 the companion uses long time to travel from where they teleported to, and to the asign post.
Whats worse is that sometimes they stay shorter than the travel time.

When not in the town, the only feature of haveing a companion that they add is their culture bonus.
Other things to security etc dont apply(like bonus to milita etc) soon as the companion is back governing I get +1, vs when they arent in town.
Not to mention the skilling up of the governor charm releated and also steward barley move if they are out of town, since its hard to complete missions for the npc's in town, and steward they get some, but not as much as when they are in town.

And no its not related to "load" issues, or not alone.
I find that its tied to the tournament in a city being over, and as soon as that happends, they teleport to another town that is hosting a tournament.
So it looks like they dont shed the "wanderer" code as they should, when being asigned as governor.
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