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Resolved Companions suddenly became scarce

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In my new campaign I decided to go for a sturgian smith-warrior, and while pumping my smithing over 200 and crafting javelins for >30k/piece I was slowly traveling the world looking for a surgeon companion. However at some point I could barely find any companions - all of the taverns are empty, and after traveling half of the world I was able to find xxx the Mad, after another half of the world - another companion. Is this by design? At start it felt like you could find a companion in 7 out of 10 towns. Now I feel like it's more 1 out of 20.
What triggered this? I have no clue, maybe getting a high enough skill or a lot of cash.
No media, I don't know how to reproduce the issue, I can only upload the savegame if the need arises.


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Forwarding this issue to the QA team for further investigation. Thanks for reporting. In the meantime, can you share your save files? You can use a cloud service and post an open link on this thread.
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