Companions not using Javelins

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Not sure if anyone else is seeing this issue, but figured I'd post it here to start a conversation. During Hideout ambushes (perhaps standard battles, not sure). My companions are not using their throwing weapons and bows. I equip my companions in fairly standard manner. Crafted 2H Sword, Crafted 2H Polearm and typically 2 sets of Crafted Javelins. I give my healers/intellectuals bows.

I'm noticing during Hideout Ambushes that they are not using their Javelins or bows at all with the above stated configuration. They just slowly run at the enemy with their 2 handers out. Shouldn't they be using their javelins first? I would expect them to empty their javelin inventory, taking out as many enemies as possible, then charging with their 2 hand swords.

Currently playing on Beta 1.4.1 branch.
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