Unresolved Companions in the late game

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I've been to nearly every tavern in Calradia (MB:W XB1) and can't seem to find any of the companions who have left me a long time ago again after I've become king of my own Kingdom and now rule about half of Calradia where the only other Kingdom left against me is Swadia. Is this supposed to happen? Am I just going to the wrong Taverns at the wrong time? I've asked every traveler and the game treats it as if they don't exist - as in when I choose the option my character just says "Never mind." The companions I'm not seeing are Klethi, Katrin, Matheld, Nizar, Bunduk, and Deshavi, and with most of the nobility having been exiled from Calradia (I only have 1 of the regular noblemen with me, Count Plais, while Swadia has 2, leaving them with 3 total, including Harlaus) turning these remaining missing companions into vassals for myself would greatly help and lead to much more activity around Calradia - which is all but a "ghost realm" with a total of 14 parties roaming. It's made the game almost boring.


And where is answer for the quesstion?
I have the same problem.
After I assigned companion like minister and then lose the city it disappeared. Loose couple of compnaious this way. And even more after.
When someone leaves you due to low moral they also gone. 600+ days after Ymira left the band and didn't come back to Calradia. Only 5 companies left in my game.

I tried cheats and teleport across all Calradia. Maybe they just do not appear in Travelers list or something. But no. They just gone.

Vanilla. No mods.
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