Companions features and bugs (recruting/dissapearing)

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In warband I spend alot of time trying to recruit all companions and create a well equipped and specified band of warriors to compliment my armies. In Bannerlord there is a wealth of companions (suffixes) but unfortunatly annoying softlocks that you (Taleworlds) put in place, such as limiting the amount of wanderers able to spawn in a campaign, despite the maximum pool is much greater.

Please remove this soft lock and allow players to play how they see fit, especially since mods such as Blainz unlimited wanders is dead and has been for ages. If you got balance concerns thats fine, but at least provide an option in the campaign setup to choose how many companions can spawn into the game.

Also while you are at it, please have a look at wanderers are (randomly?) dissapearing. This is not just me that have noticed this problem/bug as multiple other reports have been made.

Is this a feature? I've seen someone claim that wanderers will dissapear when relation get too low, which would be fine if there didn't exist a cap on the ammount of spawnable companions.

It is extremly annoying waisting hours of your life chasing an ever relocating wanderer around the map, just too find out they dissapered because you attacked an enemy caravan that just so happened to be owned by someone they encoutered while teleporting around the different cities.

Surely you can see there might be some issues or unintended gameplay limitations here?

Otherwise, thanks for continuing to develop and improve the game.
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