Companions disgruntled RTR


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Hello guys, I have question about this part in notes:

-If you send a Companion to spread support for you as king, and later govern in a way that contradicts what you told them to gain their support, they will become disgruntled.  On the other hand, if you rule in the way you promised them, they will be additionally satisifed. (added 2011-06-06)

1. So, does that mean I can no longer send them all out for RTR mission to keep them happy when I establish my own Kingdom? Or they will be disgruntled only if I makes them Lords?
2. Are they gonna leave my party because of that?

I always hates RTR and the last time I play I only have around 15-20 when I started my Kingdom. It was chaos and not even one king acknowledge me as King. I start playing again after all this years and try to gain as much as RTR this time.

If anyone still here knows about this, please give some explaination.

Edit* I send all companion for RTR and turn off complain but I still don't understand it, maybe it affect policy? Anyway problem solved.

P.s sorry for bad english