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The only thing I really can know about NPC weapon selection AI is that it will use a bow when it's out of range and a melee weapon if a target is nearby, but what about all the other possible things that can happen?

1. How do companions deal with equipped multiple weapons in general what do we know, for example a 1h mace and 1h sword what will it use?

2. What about if it has a 1h short sword and a long 2h sword?

3. What happens if it has 300 in 1h and 100 in polearms, will it use try to use a 50 reach weapon from a horse?

4. What happens if the NPC has a shield and a bastard weapon, how does it decide how to wield it?

5. Does weapon quality/value influence the NPC AI's choice?

Bonus question 1, is true that NPCs suck a "thrusts" weapons vs "slash" weapons in general, whereas you are better off giving a solely slash weapon?

Bonus Question 2, do short weapons have some valid use that outweigh the fact they don't have reach?
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