Companion Wages are Way Too High

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How much golden coins is a companion wage worth? Frankly, I never checked that.
Depends on level of the companion, but it's definitely way higher than a typical troop. I haven't seen it go above ~100 or maybe 200 for high level companions, though. Considering the max is under 10 companions it's not a lot.

There are situations in the game where it's not worth paying that, but they're generally in the early game.


They are more than double fian champs or khans guards or cataphract, and require a quarter to half a million denars to get their equipment on par. By late game money is no object, sure, but early game, they make no financial sense. A fian champ is FAR more bang for the buck.

When Fians give your troops buffs, I'll agree. Until then, you are wrong 😁


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When Fians give your troops buffs, I'll agree. Until then, you are wrong 😁

Depends on quantity of troops but yeah... mathematically at the point of like 10 fians vs. 9 fians vs. 1 companion with high archery skills(+two handed perhaps, or general survivability perks too) you're looking at a companion making every one of the 9 fians do like 40% more such that they'd totally stomp 10 fians.


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Yeah, we all know about the steward perks. Point still stands: if you're going broke then wtf are you doing with all the loot? Are you just constantly losing dozens or hundreds of troops that you need to replace? In every single battle? Because that what it would take to make loot selling not enough to fund companions. Even in a tight spot financially, you can leave them in any town (or village) and not have to pay their wages for awhile.

I'm increasingly convinced you're just really bad at this game.
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