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Alfred of Gloucester

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Companion Mod 74 has been reworked.
It's now available for the New Brytenwalda Reworked Mod by gdwitt  :party:
This is the link,340970.0.html
gdwitt's mod is the latest Mod/Update for Brytenwalda so just go stright to there.
Good job gdwitt

74Companion Mod for Brytenwalda 1.4 with TML 2.1 Mod added.
Just extract these over a fresh install of Brytenwalda 1.4
(remember to rename it to CompMod or something then you can have original Brytenwalda 1.4 as well)​

((((((((---- 74 Companion Mod has been reworked and available for the New Brytenwalda Reworked Mod by gdwitt  :party: ----))))))))

1/ There was going to be two versions -  one with DerHerbst fully reworked 37 companions and the already released one with 74 companions and TML mod added.
Plus both will have the original 26 brytenwalda companions, but DerHerbst has been to busy to release after his after PC problems and others wanted the original without TMLs mod added.
So there is the Comp+TML and Normal Comp mod, both work with Brytenwalda 1.4.

                          2/ They will have starting lvls, gear and costs closer to the Brytenwalda NPCs. eg a peasant in game starts at lvl 15 and have 16 str and 9 agi.

                                3/ They've been renamed using DerHerbst and JuJu70's authentic names.

                          4/ 74 Mod has the Hated Companion set up.
The Hated Companion is called Hrypa do NOT hire him because all other comps are set to hate him and not each other, even the 26 original companions.

5/ New Features for Normal 74 comp mod - Added higher bet amounts for tournaments in expert mode (500,250,100,50,25)
Worth while rewards for Arena bouts, 5k win for last man standing, this is for people who want to fight more than trade, its still quite hard to do with Fatigue/Expert etc.
Hoofs prints instead of Trail arrows from Urlik, this gives a authentic look.,115276.msg2776624.html#msg2776624
TML's mod - link for features -,255556.0.html

6/ Tips to stop some companions diologues/complaints from kefka95 (tweakMB team).
open the scripts.txt file, do a search/find for 2133 2 144115188075856758 0
Then change the last zero to a 1 and save file.  do this before you start a new game otherwise it won't work.
DerHerbst Tips,254993.msg6123376.html#msg6123376

7/ Brytenwalda is a mod for MB Warband 1.153 (which is atm the latest patch)

8/ Some Companion info.

The first 17-53 have two names, the first is the 1.39 versoin, the second is the new names, so Idibil became Sever etc in the brytenwalda 1.4 version of Comp mod
The last 54-90 have a number in front to show thier a copy of the first 17-53. ie 17-Idibil will have roughly same stats and skills as 17/54 Theon
The number at the end was a costing and lvl referance 1=300 schillings to hire and is lvl 15 with peasant gear  -  4=1200 to hire but is lvl 25 and have good gear but some may have also been changed.
Some companions have skills, which are set around lvl 8 - so some have First aid lvl 8, or spotting lvl 8, Looting lvl 8 etc.

17 Idibil/Sever              = Engineer, lvl 2
18 Adorno /Gerold          = Spearman/troop trainer 3
19 Motomataru/Acwellen      = Horseman/Javelin 3
20 Lenny /Kenway          = Sword/Javelin 1
21 Erikson /Haakon        = 2H axe 4
22 Juan Kenobi/Bairrfhionn    = Horseman/Javelin 2
23 Morcant /Ase          = First aid 4
24 Gwalchawad /Cadwgawn    = Javelins 1
25 Thandrius /Bearach        = Spearman 1
26 Rathmor  /Egeslic      = Horseman/Javelin 2
27 Phaiak  / Bearcban      = Horseman/Archer/Pathfinder 3
28 Vaelicus /Adalgar        = Spearman 1
29 Wilson  /Ceapmann          = Trader 1
30 Kamina  /Lomar      = Archer 2
31 Verbeek /Bardolf        = 2H axe 3
32 Zumbum /Eginhardt        = Entertainer 1
33 Rad  /Barra          = Archer 2
34 Makute  /Gerlach        = Javelins 2
35 Palestine  /Kolinkar    = sword`n`shield 3
36 Monolito  /Gerke      = Spearman 4
37 Wigbord  /Bliant      = Wounds 2
38 Endakil  /Ragnvard        = 2H axe 3
39 Caba`drin  /Aonghus    = Javelins/Looter 2
40 Kovas  /Tobrecan        = 2H axe 1
41 Kolba  /Evandar        = Xbow 3
42 Cozur  /Gualterio          = Horseman/Javelin 4
43 Einskaldir  /Eilert    = 2H axe 3
44 Howitz  /Aelhaearn        = Archer 2
45 Shikaka  /Caedmon        = Surgeon 1
46 Elthore  /Habel      = sword`n`shield 4
47 Shaxx    /Cenwig      = Sword/Spotter/Forager 2
48 Taragoth  /Thankmar      = Sword`n`shield/Spotter 4
49 Hister  /Aheawan        = Sword`n`shield 3
50 Falx    /Haerviu        = Sword`n`shield 4
51 BerTolkien  /Stepan Slecg    = 2H axe 2
52 Lord Arius  /Rannulf    = Horseman/Javelin 4
53 Belendor  /Hrypa      = Xbow

17/ 54 Theon                = Engineer, lvl 2
18/ 55 Ingvarr              = Spearman/troop trainer 3
19/ 56 Frithuwald          = Horseman/Javelin 3
20/ 57 Gormal              = Sword/Javelin 1
21/ 58 Coenwulf              = 2H axe 4
22/ 59 Ecgfrith              = Horseman/Javelin 2
23/ 60 Morcant              = First aid 4
24/ 61 Muicheachtach        = Javelins 1
25/ 62 Folcard              = Spearman 1
26/ 63 Brytthael              = Horseman/Javelin 2
27/ 64 Olwydd          = Horseman/Archer/Pathfinder 3
28/ 65 Aethelwine            = Spearman 1
29/ 66 Besso                  = Trader 1
30/ 67 Ermingild                = Archer 2
31/ 68 Wiglaf                = 2H axe 3
32/ 69 Llywarch              = Entertainer 1
33/ 70 Liudbald              = Archer 2
34/ 71 Guithrit                  = Javelins 2
35/ 72 Childeric                = sword`n`shield 3
36/ 73 Anaoc                  = Spearman 4
37/ 74 Opilio                = Wounds 2
38/ 75 Waltheof              = 2H axe 3
39/ 76 Deoradhan              = Javelins/Looter 2
40/ 77 Ealdwulf              = 2H axe 1
41/ 78 Eddarrnonn                = Xbow 3
42/ 79 Caoimhinn                = Horseman/Javelin 4
43/ 80 Uchdryd                = 2H axe 3
44/ 81 Cynric                  = Archer 2
45/ 82 Antonius Cassus        = Surgeon 1
46/ 83 Ceolred                = sword`n`shield 4
47/ 84 Bowdyn                = Sword/Spotter/Forager 2
48/ 85 Donnchadh              = Sword`n`shield/Spotter 4
49/ 86 Rigunth                = Sword`n`shield 3
50/ 87 Osnath                = Sword`n`shield 4
51/ 88 Egbert                  = 2H axe 2
52/ 89 Uvan                  = Horseman/Javelin 4
53/ 90 Maelchon                = Xbow 

This is a sample of the scripts file used
        (troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_morality_type, tmt_egalitarian),
        (troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_morality_value, 1),
        (troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_2ary_morality_type, -1),
        (troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_2ary_morality_value, 0),
        (troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_personalityclash_object, "trp_npc53"),
        (troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_personalityclash2_object, "trp_npc53"),
        (troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_personalitymatch_object, "trp_npc53"),
        (troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_home, 0),
        (troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_payment_request, 1200),
(troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_kingsupport_argument, argument_claim),
(troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_kingsupport_opponent, "trp_npc15"),
(troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_town_with_contacts, "p_town_6"),
(troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_troop_original_faction, 0),
(troop_set_slot, "trp_npc60", slot_lord_reputation_type, lrep_custodian),
As you can see all new Comps are set to Hate npc 53 = Hyrpa, like npc 15 = ? can't remember, all come from town 6 which is up north somewhere?
So if anyone would like to change all this stuff and send it to me I will add it.
Normal Companion mod 74 for 1.4​

74 Comp Source files

Old Companion SubMod with 1.39

This is a OPEN SOURCE project, feel free to use as you like.​
I would like to thank Idibil and all the 1.4 team for all their hard work on Brytenwalda.
A special thanks to Idibil for his work and patience helping me with this submod​
Thanks Idibil  :grin:


Bedroom Assassin
Yes there are. The Picts used them (you can find them only in their towns).


how many of these new companions are picts? i'm planning a companion-only game but will only recruit pictish guys and i think there are 3 of them in the original brytenwalda setup.

Alfred of Gloucester

Sergeant at Arms
I've tried to keep all 37 nuteral with no homelands etc so you can role play as you see fit.

If your going for Pict choose all javelins xbow etc i would say.


yes bridei is such a strange pictish lady.

btw, im giving this submod a go now and noticed that one of the newly created companions (rathmor) fired the usual "i cant do with this companion" dialog but referring to aillt (light inf)! with the same answer options (valuable member of the team, support, shut up) i don't think this effected anything and i havent seen the same dialog triggering again after those aillts were gone from my party.

Uhtred Ragnarson

Knight at Arms
Personally, I like names that are not just purely formal. For example usually when I make a character, I make him tall in the slider and I add "the Tall" after his name. Of course that works vice versa. "Beornoth the Short" or "Cadael the Imp", "Atheled Short-temper." It gets annoying if all your companions are named thusly, but you get the idea.  :razz:


Alfred of Gloucester said:
Hmm I will look into this as it was my aim to turn off complaints from the new companions.

and the strange thing was him complaining about a unit, not a companion!

now about those names, there must be celtic/briton name databases out there can anything be done. i don't want "lord arius" and "juan kanobi" in my band, no offence to these people just makes things unrealistic.


Something like that perhaps

Theon = Engineer
Besso = Trader
Llywarch = Entertainer
Antonius Cassus = Surgeon
Opilio = Wounds
Morcant = First aid
Ingvarr = Spearman/troop trainer
Folcard = Spearman
Aethelwine = Spearman
Anaoc = Spearman
Muicheachtach = Javelins
Guithrit = Javelins
Deoradhan = Javelins/Looter
Frithuwald = Horseman/Javelin
Ecgfrith = Horseman/Javelin
Brytthael      = Horseman/Javelin
Caoimhinn = Horseman/Javelin
Uvan = Horseman/Javelin
Olwydd = Horseman/Archer/Pathfinder
Ermingild = Archer
Liudbald = Archer
Cynric          = Archer
Eddarrnonn = Xbow
Maelchon = Xbow
Bowdyn = Sword/Spotter/Forager
Gormal = Sword/Javelin
Donnchadh = Sword`n`shield/Spotter
Childeric = Sword`n`shield
Ceolred = Sword`n`shield
Rigunth = sword`n`shield
Osnath = sword`n`shield
Coenwulf = 2H axe
Wiglaf = 2H axe
Waltheof = 2H axe
Ealdwulf = 2H axe
Uchdryd = 2H axe
Egbert = 2H axe   


if they have historical names, they have a good look and the whole thing is bug-free - i´m the first to download it.
but historical names are a must.
thanx for your work.

Angus S

Half of my tavern keepers have been replaced with weapon smiths. Also all of the special weapon smiths have disappeared


I understand the longing for new companions, but really - have you ever used as many companions as possible? I always set the maximum numnber of companions I allow myself to take with me at 12. Problem is that i have to arm them, which is very expensive (they should all have the same armour) and that they are really useless when they have a level lower than 15 (because of the training skill). there are some that I always take with me (a merchant, a medic and someone to find the way in the wilderness), but I don´t need such a huge number of new characters. I would like to make another suggestion: Would it be possible to make the companions look changeable (in some limits)? Right now, it is only possible to change their names.


Grandmaster Knight
Angus S said:
Half of my tavern keepers have been replaced with weapon smiths. Also all of the special weapon smiths have disappeared

Companions submod add new troops, then it isnt compatible with old savegames. For run your savegame, you need reinstall Brytenwalda. but if you have done save with companions submod you need recovery before of it.

When you install companions submod you need begin new game.
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