Resolved ''companion released because of peace''

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Hi, ive started my own kingdom now and got around a few city's and castles. but all the sudden everytime a faction declares war or makes peace i get the message '' companion has been released because of peace treaty'' he was roaming around the map so i thought he got captured alot. but even in my party it gives me the message for the companion. it started with 1 and now it gives the message for all my companions everytime.

for example.

vladian declares war on battania = ''companion has been released''

i declare war or make peace = ''companion has been released''

playing on latest game version.

ps : if they roam around the map and it gives the message their troops dont dissapear or anything but the message is getting anoying after a while xD
alright. so after trying many things. ( restarting game, didnt work btw ) but restarting my pc seems to have fixed it. i get no more spamming ''companion has been released'' messages.
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