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In Progress Companion recruiting Lords in Parties

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No, I didn't use any mods.

Sir Squirrel

Summary: Noble Lords and/or companions are being recruited as normal foot soldiers in other parties. And stuck there until the party is disbanded.
How to Reproduce: While leading an army liberate any Lord/Companion from hostile parties in a field battle. If the parties in your army are not full, there is a chance that one or more of the parties might recruit the Lord/Companion instead of them returning to friendly territory.
Have you used cheats and if so which: No?
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Exactly the same as my scenario, I have raised this previously and is in progress right now. For my case, I recruited a ruler of kingdom.


This have already been reported, initally by me, and later on by several others.

For now there is 1 ways to solve it until its fixed.(however afaik there is 2 ways for this to happend)
The party with the "recruited/rescued" lord needs to be DISBANDED.
1. the party if its one of your clansmen, go into your clan management and disband the party.
advise to form an army with clansman, and disband it right next to your settlement so the travel time is very short.
When you enter the fief you'll see the lord in the keep.(he'll be then acting like he normally would, so form his own party, go do tournaments etc)

2. the party with the recruited lord gets defeated, this will also "disband" the party, and thus after he is done in the dungeon(be it peace, escape or rescue without being recruite) the lord will then be acting as normal again after that.

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