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Companion Prisoners

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So the issue I am running into is I have a companion that has become a prisoner of another faction I am at war with. The problem I am running into is the companion is prisoner in a town, not a castle or a large city, where there are no prisons to get them out of. THIS needs to be fixed. I essentially have to kick the most expensive companion I have from my clan because it is bugged and I cannot get them back. Unless someone else has a solution to this issue, let me know.


You can ransom companions back via the broker in taverns.

There is no tavern in the small villages. That's the issue. My companion is being held in a small village....

Unless what you are saying is the larger town that has hold over the smaller one can somehow negotiate through the tavern.... ?
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Is the village Ain Baliq by chance? If so its a well known bug, usually referred to as the companion holding bug.
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