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In Progress Companion parties too difficult to start a new party from party screen

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No, I didn't use any mods.


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This is an iffy for tech and was thinking of the suggestion page but it seems to be more of a settings issue that should be fixed.
1) When you want to send out a companion/family member from party screen and not from your party. You send them out from not in your party to start collecting troops and build their party there are issues. First maybe with horses or items their movement speed is about 1.1. Therefor it is almost impossible for them to get established. They need to I would say wait in town until they have maybe at least 10 troops before leaving town to collect more troops.
2) When a party member gets captured and their party dismisses they go to a town after they escape being captured. When they get to town they should automatically get their party started again and go back out. We shouldn't have to manually tell them to go out again. Like when lords get captured they start a new party and go back out and we should have that same with out parties.
Just take a companion and send them out from town it he party screen to start a party, dont start one from your party, but one from town and watch how slow they are.
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