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Companion morality type and morality values

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I am trying to make sense of what the morality types and values signify in the scripts PY so I can fine tune new companions likes and dislikes.

I have figured out that -1 is a like of something but I am confused about the dislikes.

Deshavi is supposed to dislike hunger, heavy casualties
Bahesthutur is supposed to dislike hunger, fleeing battle, not being paid and heavy casualties
Katrin is supposed to dislike hunger and not being paid.

3 different sets of dislikes yet they each have egalitarian type with a value of 3 with no secondary morale value. So if I make a new companion with egalitarian 3 as their morale type and value how am I to know what their dislikes are.

Similarly lezalit and Klethi both dislike fleeing battles (although wiki claim Lezalit dislikes being hungry) and have aristocratic 4. I was going to assume that aristocratic 4 means disliking fleeing battle until I see that Matheld who only dislikes fleeing battle is aristocratic 3 and Baheshetur who dislikes it too is not even aristicratic, he is egalitarian.

Does anyone know how the dislikes type/values work? When I see both Marnid and Firentis with humanitarian 2 and honest 1 (which I believe is failing quests) yet apparently have different dislikes it seems to lose any normal kind of pattern you can follow by reading the text.

Is the companion wiki completely wrong too about companions likes and dislikes?
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