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So is there any good standalone companion leveling mods out there? My searches have not been real successful, though my sleuthing ability is usually on par with Inspector Gadget. I've been using Tutelage from Steam Workshop, which is better than nothing, but it's a bit too generalized/slow.

Gonna be honest, besides a few skills like Scouting, Steward, Medicine, etc. leveling up Companion Skills is pretty atrocious - if not impossible. (How do you even level up Tactics or Roguery for a Companion?)

I would use this mod, but it is broke:

Something like this seems like such a no-brainer to have in-game. I mean if I'm a wealthy Lord shouldn't I be able to educate/train my Clan Members to be competent in certain skills? Be a good way to spend all that accumulated wealth too hiring tutors, books, what have you.

It's also a tad annoying all Nobility in the game generally has fairly high 100+ stats to begin with, but my kids turn 18 and are lucky to be able to tie shoes.

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Sorry, no. I would like to hear of such a mod myself.

There is the mod "Useful Companions" I did not try it because it seems to conflict with Banner Kings, so I don't know how it works. In my next playthrough I will probably get rid of Banner Kings (which is tbh too annoying compared to the benefits it offers) and will use the companion mod.

Till then, and also because I really don't like the stupid skill distribution of the companions (some factions really suffer here), I don't hesitate to battle the game with Character Manager mod.


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It's not really the thing you're looking for, but Xorberax Legacy incorporates a mod that adds skill lecturers to towns. You can pay pay a small fee in towns for you and your companions to attend a lecture of a random skill (maybe the skills are related to the town culture, idk).

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kaoses tweaks got option to rise skill and perk points per level and learning rates, so everyone level up pretty fast... bandits hideout are also good for leveling companions
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