Community Steam Group for Regimental Leaders (For LBs, Events & Much More)

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Regiment Name: 1st Westphalian Infantry Regiment
Stick it already.

You should make some respected members of community group admins and give them rights to kick out people. And if im correct only group owner can change group from public\private, sadly. But if it was calm so far, there might be a hope for people.
If you will allow my inglorious humor to florish i may add.

Abandon you regiments! This group of people will do for the best regiment in the world!  :twisted:

And you should really make some admins. As expected regiment leaders doesn't lack self-control and that's why groop is neet so far. But there is a black ship in every herd.
Oh right, forgot to tell that you should add - Nr 1 'Kaiser Franz'.
Of all i forgot to tell the most important thing, lol
Regiment: 89th Royal Guard
Commander: Bond
Steam: bond676

We have been in the steam group for awhile just haven't had our name listed here.
you can add the 75th Highlanders to that to  :wink:
im already in the steam group just need my reg on the list
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