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OliESC said:
I'd be very careful regarding stat changes. Ofc there are problems and some changes could make sense. For example I can imagine the Nord infs originally got their throwing skill for their axes and actually weren't supposed to use javs. But all in all the original stats aren't too bad and work pretty well. Other things have higher impact than stats:
Like the current match format.. The shorter round time and forced flag spawn reduced the variety of battle situations and reduced maps to basically 3 flag regions where most fights now take place. These tactical TDM flag fights favour certain skills, stats, play styles and tactics. Most flag positions are flat and they're all in the open. Therefore cav got bigger impact, archers already know their crossfire positions, and the expensive Rhodok spear gets less priority, more closed maps get played which favours Nord inf... and so on.
Equipment has more impact than any stats and new stats won't change any equipment based problems. When the competitive scene uses their own stats they just seperate themselves even more. Stats should always be global and be balanced for all situations which happen on all servers. I think there's a tendency to make the factions more and more equal and to adjust the stats to the flag fights which in my opinion won't make the game more exciting.

All good points
Rayden_ said:
do we really need to prevent footshots? footshots are even harder than headshots with moving targets, it's completely skill and should not be removed by increasing shield skill or with another saying baby**** for those who cant dodge or hold shield  :fruity:

edit: don't know if that requires client or whatever but instead you can increase shield hp for sarranids mby, vaegirs use kite shields as well so again dunno if its possible to do it only for sarranids


Remember that amazing round where Triari was miles away from the flag, having dispatched inf and didn't have time to get there but killed the 2 on teh flag with footshots? If someone has teh skill to do that why should it be prevented?
It's easier to hit footshots because they're moving slower, and it's a bad mechanic because there is no counter (except never entering the line of sight of an archer).
Aeronwen said:

Remember that amazing round where Triari was miles away from the flag, having dispatched inf and didn't have time to get there but killed the 2 on teh flag with footshots? If someone has teh skill to do that why should it be prevented?

Because it's mechanically awful.

Infantry have pretty much no way to know if they can currently be foot-shot or not. Whether it can happen is down to tiny differences in the angle of the shield. Bear in mind that infantries primary role is as a tank unit to take and hold positions, having their only means of defence be completely unreliable against rangers even when they directly aim the shield at them undermines that.

If rangers want to kill an inf head on, they can shoot the shield to break it, or shoot through with a crossbow. In either case the infantry can predict the results far easier, they can see their shields health and they can pick a shield with knowledge of its resistance to penetration.

I dont have an issue with cav or rangers getting footshot incidentally, just infantry since it makes it very difficult for inf to actually play their roles under intense ranger pressure.
Happened in the Wonwokie A Q match. With archers like Apollo or Maximou, they'll just aim for your feet and there's literally nothing you can do about it. I'll get shot in the foot and my HP goes to like 50%, then get one hit by pretty much any weapon. Footshotting isn't complicated enough for it to be reasonable. I don't want to try and dance for them to not shoot my feet.
there must be too many pro feet hunter around recently since i was half active cuz its been a river here  :fruity:

you also forgot to reduce amount of arrows to 15
Footshots are extremely hard to actually land. They are pure skill (or cheats :smile: ) Not everyone can actually do this. If you want to remove a 'glitch' why don't you remove double spam  :fruity:
Footshots are too easy against Vaegir and Sarranid infantry; footshots should definitely be possible and much easier to do against the archers/cav of each faction, but the infantry should be better protected against it. Seems a bit silly that infantry who push an archer can just be footshot to death without any way of keeping themselves alive.
these guys who say its easy to land footshots i wanna get archery lessons from those big men
Lol people complaining getting a footshot while they are pushing an archer. What do you want? Do you want archers to  die directly when you push? Then what is the point of playing archer. You can dance and dodge those shots 90%. In 6v6 archery lost its value already dont **** it more please.
Yes, i didnt like it back then aswell. Just remove archery,  play 6v6 with 4 inf 2 cavs ffs. This is not merc mod for **** sake.
Serious note: I would nerf Javs and awlpike. We dont have to equalize everything imo. This is what making this game fun. Each faction has its advantages and disadvantages it is fun to try to find a solution and counter it. But some stuff cant be countered most of the time. Such as Nord javs on open map was disgusting worse than 3 vaegir archer. Like on 8v8 teams were using 2 xbow generally and nord cav wasnt free to move like they are atm on 6v6 but on 6v6 if you take 2 xbow you ll have problem on flag so generally its only 1 and 4 nord cav javing the hell out of you is the ****tiest thing i have ever seen in this game... Focus on right topic. Leave archery alone.
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