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Siberian Cossack said:
Zbaraski said:
After every single server restart they are back on because config is not changed. It is possible that next patch will be released on sunday.

what will be in the new patch?  :grin:  :oops:
A fix for the grenade issue I presume.

And hopefully a new flag.  :iamamoron:


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Blatant teamhitting / asset griefing by "KD_Oberszter_Machiavelli" about half an hour ago:

Nvidia sure is handy sometimes.


So there are to guys teamkilling me (current ingame-name Halsingland_Msk_Der_Baum) and my mates (_Smageulo_ and Der_stein_ANTIFA)
lets first come to the teamkiller called tercio_philipe. He started to teamkill us after we kicked him once because he blocked our way. He teamkilled us at the beginning of each round, so after a while I started to take screenshots. He did many tks that I didnt screenshot but here are the screenshots:




I dont know why he is teamkilling us but a banned player cant tk anymore.

Do not ban kazakh_donsky_Smirow he isnt a teamkiller it was just a misunderstanding so so he do not deserve to be banned.

If you need more screenshots, my friends took some more, but I think that should be enought.
With best regards, Der Baum☭


Concerning kazakh_donsky_Smirow, dont ban him or unban him if you did, I chatted with him on steam, it was a misunderstanding so please do not ban him.
Der_Baum said:
Concerning kazakh_donsky_Smirow, dont ban him or unban him if you did, I chatted with him on steam, it was a misunderstanding so please do not ban him.

you decided to make trololo of the moderator?


@Der Baum, it is immaterial now. I've looked into server logs and my decision was to ban him. You were all incredibly stupid in at the time, but I found him triggering others. I am deeply sorry, but ban will be kept.


I'd like to send a complaint-

Server: CommunityOfficial

Date: 13.04.2016 or 14.04.2016 and 15.04.2016

Screenshots/Text: Halsingland_Msk_Der_Stein's behaviour was really toxic and dangerous lately, he was attacking me and the others without a proper reason when we were sharing the same team.

Screenshots: (in order)

I didn't mind his ****ty behaviour at first, but when it went into such motion, it has to be stopped.


WTF why did admin ban me???
The admin banned first stein, I can understand that decision but after that he banned me wtf??? I didnt teamkill, nobody reported me, I got like randomly banned. A friend of me asked for reason, the admin was not able to tell a reason for it. I had an similar ingame name like der stein but that is absolutely no reason to ban me. you should honestly take more care about who gets admin rights on your server, I think an admin who bans randomly players isnt a good admin. I know that you cant unban me without restarting server, but you could at least give an explanation for that random ban.


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I banned you because I thought the first ban on stein just didn't work since I saw [almost] the same nick still playing. You will get unban, but instead of blaming the admin you should rather think of choosing some better nick, I guess not only I confused you with the one commonly known as a serial teamkiller  :meh:


Ah Im sorry that I was so rude, I didnt know that it was a mistake. I was just really mad about the ban, I didnt meant to blame the admin. besides from that, I was the first to have this nick, stein copied it.
Im sorry for blaming you, I can understand that you were confused about our similar nicks.
I promised...

This clan has spoiled the game today. Constant TKs and statements:  "we the clan, we can."


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Their leader has been given a last warning, one more reported intentional teamkill by DKR will result in ban on CommunityOfficial for whole clan.


The whole clan shouldn't get a blanket ban, just ban the perpatrators accordingly.

If the banned person argues he/she was egged on, then it's their own fault, they are responsible for their own actions.
They were warned. If they do not take measures against hooligans ....  The clan is not only fun, it is the responsibility of each member.  This is another reason why I am not in a clan. I am responsible only for myself.
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