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Community Project : Unsung Heroes

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Really nice thing to see when I come back around from time to time, I'll be glad to read another inteviews.  :wink:
Tardet said:
MrNevino1 said:
DoF really have had a lot of people leave haven't they? lol

Not sure If it's a real question or just irony but while reading through Erminas's interview, he says that they indeed lost many players but that it made them stronger at the end. On the other hand, it said at the begining that they always managed to keep a strong core of players within DoF, the one who're playing most of the time in competitive matchs I presume.

Thanks for the support all the others! :smile:

Edit : Oh, and corrected version added.

It was more of irony, mad respect for the clan, the fact that they keep going after losing so many players is quite impressive.
Thanks for all the feedbacks guys!

I'm currently looking for someone to interview (A player rather than an organisator this time) so If you think you know a veteran among the players who has interesting things to say or a promising player who looks like a rising star, feel free to PM me.

And yeah Turambar (and the others), one day I will catch Djin!
Thanks everyone for taking your time to read it :razz:

And once again thanks to Tardet for asking me to do this interview.
Definitely looking forward to reading interviews of other community members, so do keep this project alive :smile:

Edit:grin:arn I ninjad Tardet:p
I think there were cases of this and they were allowed. Since the interview is done by someone not banned it is either 1) overlooked by the admins 2) not against the rules.
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